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My name is Char Holland and I’m the ‘chief coffee drinker’ behind Hey Joe Coffee. I’ve 10 years of coffee crafting & roasting under my belt! Currently, I’m building on my expertise with the Specialty Coffee Association. I also roast my own coffee for fun!


Back in the day, coffee was just about getting that jolt of energy to get the day going. It’s through traveling that I grew a profound appreciation for coffee.

Learning about coffee from different cultures and tasting the artistry behind each cup is a privilege I’m thankful for each day.

From berry to beverage, coffee is universal yet versatile in ways difficult to put into words. You just got to taste the magic!

Cappuccino Croissant
Keep calm and cappuccino on.
Hey Joe Team
Sunday morning vibes.

Hey Joe Coffee

What was once a regular cup of joe is something my partner (Hey Joe’s cameraman) and I get unreasonably excited about each day.

Join us as we share everything we learn along the way on Hey Joe Coffee. We hope you enjoy the ride!

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