Editorial Process

Just think of us as your barista friend. We’re here to whip up recipes (original & copycats) and in-depth coffee content that’s just your type. Before our content lands on your screen, it goes through a careful editorial process.


1. Research

Every great coffee story begins with a little bit of history and a dash of origin. That’s why we start by diving deep into the past and exploring the roots of each brew. We want to know what makes each coffee special – where it comes from, who first crafted it, and how it traveled from its original home to coffee cups around the world.

Then we get to the heart of its unique flavor profile by understanding the ingredients and the brewing process that makes it special. Here, we focus on the specifics – the ingredients and their proportions, the brewing technique, and sometimes the type of water and its temperature. We explore how these elements work together to create the distinctive taste and aroma that makes each brew uniquely its own.

2. Interviews

When questions pop up or when information plays hard-to-get, we turn to the real coffee heroes – baristas! Whether we’re interviewing them in-store or connecting over social media, we’ve found that baristas are often more than willing to share their extensive coffee knowledge.

These interactions don’t just help us find answers – they also provide additional insights that enrich our understanding of coffee. So, we’re sincerely grateful to these baristas, who help us unravel the intricacies behind each brew and deepen our perspectives.

3. Writing & Proofreading

Once we’ve gathered all our insights, it’s time to transform them into something you’d want to read. We take our compiled research and interview notes and set about crafting them into easily-digestible articles. We strive to ensure that each article is not only informative but also fun and relatable.

Finally, we proofread each piece with the precision of a perfect pour-over to make sure everything we serve is fresh and up-to-date.


Pour Espresso Into Caramel Iced Coffee

This is where our passion for coffee really gets cooking. We research coffee recipes from popular coffee chains, different regions, and then put on our barista aprons to recreate them, with a few Hey Joe twists, of course.

  • We start by exploring coffee recipes and the stories behind them, because every great recipe has a tale to tell.
  • Next, we sample the original brew ourselves, taking notes on its flavor and appearance.
  • Then, we head into our kitchen to whip up our own versions. We add a few tweaks here and there, making sure to keep the spirit of the original recipe while also making it something uniquely Hey Joe.

These aren’t just any old coffee recipes. They’re coffee adventures in the making, ready for you try it yourself and enjoy!


Phin Filter Coffee

Each of our recipes comes with step-by-step photos, serving two purposes.

Firstly, they serve as a visual guide, helping you bring these delicious brews to life right from your own kitchen.

Secondly, these photos serve as our ‘proof of brew’ – our way of showing you that we’ve personally tested and tasted each recipe. We’re not just talking the coffee talk, we’re walking the coffee walk!

With each photo, you can see that we’ve rolled up our sleeves, ensuring you can trust our recipes to deliver an authentic coffee experience.

Verified Sources

Seen a ‘Verified Sources’ badge on our articles? That’s our way of saying we’ve got our coffee facts straight from reliable sources in the industry.

We stick to the best when it comes to our coffee info – respected baristas, academic studies, and known coffee associations. You’ll see these references in our articles, clearly listed in the ‘Verified Sources’ section. They’re always linked back to their original sources, in case you fancy a deeper.

Our Mission

Coffee is more than a drink to us – it’s a whole experience, and we’re here to make it a fun and friendly one for you. We’re on a mission to help you fall in love with coffee, just like we did.

  • We chat about all things coffee in a way that feels more like a coffee date and less like a lecture.
  • We break down coffee jargon so you can understand what goes into your brew and enjoy it even more.
  • We share recipes and knowledge that we gather on our coffee adventures.
  • We’re all about making our content as accessible as possible, so everyone from beginners to coffee aficionados can enjoy and learn.