10 Dutch Bros Low Calorie Drinks Under 100 Calories (2024)

A stroll by Dutch Bros drive-thru doesn’t have to cost you a day worth of calorie intake. The chain is famous for its rich and heavy add-on blends. But there are some Dutch Bros low calorie drinks for those watching their diet.

Here’s what you can get when you don’t feel like drinking your calories.

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What We Consider Low-Calorie Drinks

Before we get started, I wanted to be clear on the definition of ‘low-calorie’. In this article, we included drinks under 100 calories. 

Also, drink sizes can make a difference. Some of my recommendations are small. If you decide to go for a larger size, you’d be consuming over 100 calories.

Does Dutch Bros Have Sugar-Free Drinks?

Flavored Sugar

Yes, Dutch Bros serves sugar-free drinks. Sugar-free Rebel, Americano, and plain teas are some staples you can order.

Most drinks can be made sugar-free including classics like the Golden Eagle and Caramelizer. Simply check with the barista if your favorite drink can be made sugar-free.

Dutch Bros Low Calorie Drinks

I compiled a list of suggestions for low calorie drinks (under 100 calories) to help you choose a tasty and diet-friendly beverage.

Use my suggestions as a guide, but always do your own research. Drink calories listed below are approximations as ingredients and quantities can vary by location. 

Also, the chain switches up things from time to time, so it’s best to consult your broista.

1. Annihilator (Skinny, Sugar-Free)

Sugar-Free Annihilator


This Dutch Bros classic can be made in a low-calorie version.

The original includes Chocolate Macadamia Nut syrup, but you can switch it to a sugar-free version.

The Kick-Me mix drives the calories up, so ask for non-fat milk instead.

Annihilator Ingredients:

  • Espresso
  • Chocolate Macadamia Nut (Sugar-Free)
  • Non-Fat Milk
  • Ice


  • Less than 50 calories for Small (16 oz)

2. Double Chocolate Mocha (Skinny, Sugar-Free)

Chocolate Mocha


The name sounds like a calorie-packed beverage, but it does have a low-calorie version.

Swap the chocolate milk for a non-fat one. Or if you’re like me, ask for plant-based milk, like coconut or almond.

The chocolate flavoring added to the milk will be sugar-free.

Double Chocolate Mocha Ingredients:

  • Espresso
  • Chocolate Sauce (Sugar-Free)
  • Non-Fat Milk
  • Ice


  • Less than 50 calories for Small (16 oz)

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3. Sugar-Free Blue Rebel

Blue Rebel


Dutch Bros own energy drink is another low-calorie option as long as you order the sugar-free and add sugar-free syrup.

You can also get low-calorie flavors off the shelf, like Unicorn Blood (Strawberry, White Chocolate, Almond) or Pink Flamingo (Peach, Strawberry, White Chocolate).

Blue Rebel Ingredients:

  • Sugar-Free Rebel
  • Syrup (Sugar-Free)


  • Less than 10 calories

4. Cold Brew or Nitro Cold Brew

Cold Brew


Cold-brew and nitro brew are my go-to drinks when I don’t feel like making substitutions. They’re both very low-calorie in their original form but can lack some punch.

If you want to change it up a notch, add sugar-free syrup.

Cold Brew/ Nitro Ingredients:

  • Brewed Coffee


  • Less than 10 calories

5. Americano



Americano is my trusty Dutch Bros drink and a healthy staple that can never run out. It’s almost zero calories since it only includes freshly brewed espresso and hot water.

The beans used for the espresso are from Dutch Bros Private Reserve.

Americano Ingredients:

  • Espresso
  • Water


  • Less than 10 calories

6. Lattes

Breve Latte


If Americano is not your thing, go for a latte. Ask for a skinny one, and you’ll get it with non-fat milk. Or you can choose plant milk for even fewer calories, but don’t go for oat milk since it’s calorie-dense.

And don’t forget to order a small size to stay at or below 100 calories.


  • Espresso
  • Non-Fat Milk/ Almond Milk/ Coconut Milk


  • Less than 100 calories for Small (12 oz)

7. Nitro Kicker (Skinny, Sugar-Free)

Nitro Kicker


The Kicker is a delicious modification of the cold brew but comes with considerable calories. Substitute the Irish Cream flavoring for the sugar-free version, and you’ll easily cut 100 calories.

Reduce the calories even more by switching half and half with non-fat milk.

Nitro Kicker Ingredients:

  • Nitro Cold Brew
  • Irish Cream (Sugar-Free )
  • Non-Fat Milk


  • Less than 50 calories for Small (16 oz)

8. Teas

Dutch Teas


Dutch Bros carries Paris black tea, green tea, Earl Grey, and Ceylon tea. Teas on their own are almost zero calories. For more flavor, you can pair them with any sugar-free syrup.

Laser Cat (raspberry, coconut), Double Rainbro, Peach, and Strawberry are a few delicious examples.


  • Tea
  • Syrup (Sugar-Free)


  • Less than 10 calories

9. Cocomo Freeze (Skinny, Sugar-Free)

Cocomo Freeze


Make the Cocomo Freeze low calorie by asking for sugar-free coconut syrup. Ask to get it skinny, and the broista will swap the chocolate milk for ½ chocolate and ½ nonfat milk. 

I always ask to hold the whipped cream to spare some more calories.

Cocomo Freeze Ingredients:

  • Coconut Syrup (Sugar-Free)
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Non-Fat Milk
  • Espresso
  • Blended Ice


  • ~ 100 calories for Small (16 oz)

10. Sugar-Free Peach Rebel

Peach Rebel


The Peach Rebel was introduced in 2021 as part of Dutch Bros’ yearly drink lineup. It’s refreshing at almost zero calories!

To order it, ask for a sugar-free Rebel and add sugar-free peach syrup. The only other addition is ice.

Peach Rebel Ingredients:

  • Sugar-Free Rebel 
  • Peach Syrup (Sugar-Free)
  • Ice


  • Less than 10 calories

6 Tips To Keep Your Dutch Bros Drink Low In Calories

Calories taste delicious, so it’s hard to resist ordering a heavy beverage. But, to keep your taste buds pleased and your diet in line, practice asking for modifications. 

Get into the habit of adding a sugar-free syrup or another type of milk, and you’ll be a low-calorie drink pro in no time.

Sugar in Cup

1. Get your drink ‘skinny’

When ordering a milk-based drink, ask if it comes with a skinny option. In the skinny version, the regular milk gets replaced with non-fat milk. 

This modification applies to drinks made with regular milk, chocolate milk, and the kick-me mix.

2. Substitute with sugar-free syrups

Cutting the fat reduces the calories but take it a step further and ask for a sugar-free beverage.(1) Ask your broista if they can swap the flavorings for their sugar-free version. 

Most of the syrups have a sugar-free dupe. Regular syrups contain between 80 to 120 calories.

3. Pick good milk options

Milk has a high-fat content, so to lower the calories of your favorite drink, choose a better milk option. If you want to stick with dairy milk, non-fat has the lowest calories.

When it comes to plant milk, almond milk has the lowest calories, and coconut comes second. Oat milk has the highest calories so skip it.

4. Skip the toppings, some sauces

Toppings are guaranteed to put you over the edge. Sauces add around 100 extra calories on their own. Soft tops are at least 50 calories.

While sauces add some flavor, whipped cream and soft tops don’t contribute to the taste. It’s best to skip them.

5. Sorry, no Frosts!

Dutch Frosts are the highest calorie drinks at Dutch Bros. The drink base is essentially ice cream. A large White Chocolate Frost can contain around 1000 calories, half of the recommended intake for adults! 

Calories will depend on the flavoring and toppings. The more you add, the higher the calorie content will be.

5. Clear drinks FTW

When in doubt, clear drinks like cold brews, teas, and brewed coffees are your best friends. These drinks bring a world of flavor without the extra calories.

Take cold brew, for instance – it’s a smooth and robust drink that’s naturally sweet, saving you from needing any extra sugar.

Then there’s tea, which can be floral, fruity, or even spicy, depending on your pick.

Calorie Culprits In Dutch Bros Drinks

It’s important to know the main driver of calories. The caloric value of a drink is a combination of the nutrients included.(2)

Proteins are the least caloric nutrient, but Dutch Bros beverages don’t contain much protein.

Sugar and fat (mostly from milk and cream) drive up the total calories of most drinks. A drink with less sugar and fat should be low-calorie.


Dutch Bros Low Calorie Drinks

Dutch Bros low calorie drinks are both diet-friendly and delicious. Modifications are easy to order, as long as you politely ask your bro-ista. You don’t have to always go for staples like Americano when there are blended drinks under 100 calories.

Treating yourself to a sugary drink once in a while won’t hurt you. However, choosing to cut some unnecessary calories is good for your health.

TLDR; How to make your drink low calorie?

If you’re ordering a milk-based drink, simply ask for non-fat or plant milk. Then ask for the sugar-free version of the syrups added. Always go for the smaller size of the beverage and skip any toppings.

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