Dunkin Donuts Caramel Craze Iced Latte: Foolproof Recipe

If you like your lattes sweet and creamy, the Caramel Craze Iced Latte is a great signature latte from Dunkin Donuts.

Don’t like your coffee too bitter? Then the sweet flavor of the Caramel Craze might just be your thing!

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Intro: Caramel Craze Iced Latte

The Caramel Craze Iced Latte is a latte designed to appeal to caramel lovers.

This latte contains rich espresso and whipped cream covered with caramel drizzle and topped with cinnamon sugar.

This iced latte makes for a delicious pick-me-up drink if you like your lattes sweet and creamy with tasty notes of caramel.

Dunkin Donuts launched three new signature lattes in April 2019 including the Caramel Craze, Blue Berry Crisp, and the Cocoa Mocha

These signature drinks were created to allow espresso lovers to get their favorite coffee in fun and exciting flavors to suit different taste buds.

Homemade Caramel Craze Iced Latte

Does Dunkin still have the Caramel Craze Latte?

Yes, Dunkin still has the Caramel Craze Iced Latte.

This latte is one of Dunkin’s signature lattes and is made using espresso, milk, whipped cream, caramel syrup, and cinnamon sugar. You can also order it hot instead of iced depending on your preference.

What Does It Taste Like?

Pour Milk Into Cup


This signature latte is a creamy light brown drink with the texture and appearance of your typical milk coffee with ice.

This caramel-rich latte is topped with whipped cream which is covered in streaks of delicious light brown caramel drizzle.


The drink is cinnamon forward and then quickly followed by the taste of caramel.

The sweetness of the caramel does a good job with balancing out the bitter taste of espresso. I recommend this latte to those who prefer their beverage with muted coffee flavor.

Overall, iced latte is sweet, creamy, and refreshing.

Is the Caramel Craze Latte sweet?

Yes, this latte on sweet and is a great choice for those with a sweet tooth. Caramel and cinnamon sugar accounts for the familiar sweetness you’ll find this in latte.


A medium Caramel Craze Iced Latte from Dunkin Donuts contains 410 calories

Apart from espresso, this latte also contains whipped cream, milk, and added sugars which make up the calorie count in this caramel flavored drink. 

There is a skimmed milk option for those who do not prefer whole milk.

Other Iced Signature Lattes

Dunkin Donuts also has other signature lattes to appeal to different palettes. Dunkin’s signature lattes combine rich espresso with different flavors such as blueberry, caramel, or mocha to create delicious coffee drinks.

Cocoa Mocha Whipped Cream

1. Cocoa Mocha

For chocolate lovers, Dunkin’s Coca Mocha contains rich espresso, creamy milk, and whipped cream topped with a drizzle of mocha and chocolate powder. 

If you love the rich taste of mocha, the Dunkin Cocoa Mocha is a great choice.

MAKE IT YOURSELF: Dunkin Cocoa Mocha Recipe

2. Salted Caramel

Like a savory edge to your coffee? You may enjoy Dunkin’s Salted Caramel Latte.

This latte has similar ingredients to the Caramel Craze – the only difference is the salted caramel swirl.

It’s topped off with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and a smattering of cinnamon sugar. 

3. Other Flavors

Homemade Vanilla Latte

Dunkin’s range of Lattes is wide and varied and also includes flavors like Frosted White Chocolate, Toasted Gingerbread, Holiday Eggnog, and Merry Mocha Mint.

All lattes are available either hot or cold. 

Some flavors like the Holiday Eggnog are seasonal so they may not be available all year round.(1)

How to Make the Dunkin Caramel Craze Iced Latte

If you are wondering how to make the Caramel Craze Iced Latte at home, you can easily whip up some with just a few ingredients. This simple recipe will come in handy when you need to make a quick pick-me-up drink.

Caramel Iced Latte Recipe

Dunkin Caramel Craze Iced Latte (Foolproof)

Yield: 1 serving (~16 oz)
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Attention sweet coffee lovers! This simple step-by-step recipe on how to make the Caramel Craze Iced Latte is a must-try.



    1. Start by pulling 2 shots of espresso with your coffee machine. While the espresso is still hot, add the caramel syrup. Set it aside to cool.Two Shots Espresso
    2. Next, froth your milk using a milk frother. Since you are making an iced latte, skip the steam wand since it heats up the milk during frothing.Froth Milk French Press
    3. Take a glass and put some ice in it ensuring that you leave enough room for the rest of the ingredients. Now take the frothed milk and pour it over the ice.Pour Milk Into Cup
    4. Grab the brewed espresso and pour it gently over the frothed milk. Stir lightly to combine or leave it as is if you like the layered look.Pour Espresso Into Caramel Iced Coffee
    5. Once you have your iced latte mixture, take your whipped cream and top it off.Whipped Cream Finish
    6. Garnish the drink with the caramel drizzle and cinnamon sugar to finish. Serve cold and enjoy. Completed Caramel Iced Latte


* I use Torani Classic Caramel Syrup but you can use any caramel-flavored syrup available in retail stores.

** Make sure your espresso is strong so the coffee flavor shines through!

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Dunkin Caramel Craze Iced Latte Recipe: Items You’ll Need

Final Words

Caramel Craze Iced Latte

This signature iced latte from Dunkin combines the sweet taste of caramel with the rich taste of espresso for a delicious pick-me-up drink. 

The delicious creamy texture makes for a refreshing iced latte that is one of Dunkin’s top selling beverage.

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