Dunkin Liquid Cane Sugar: Good In Drinks Or ‘Meh’?

Is Dunkin liquid cane sugar the chain’s next sweet sensation? This natural sweetener promises a smooth and rich twist in your favorite beverages.

But is it the sweet upgrade your Dunkin’ beverage needs, or is it just sugar-coated hype? Let’s find out.

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  1. What Is It?
  2. What Liquid Cane Sugar Does Dunkin’ Use?
  3. Taste Profile: Dunkin Liquid Cane Sugar
  4. Comparing It To Other Sugars
  5. Dunkin’ Drink Pairing
  6. FAQs

Liquid Cane Sugar? What Is It?

So, what’s the deal with liquid cane sugar? It’s a natural sweetener derived from sugar cane. It undergoes a process of extraction from the cane and is then dissolved in water.

I find that it has the same sweetness as granulated sugar but has a richer and more complex taste. It’s also a lot less processed than other sweeteners.

Since it’s liquid, it’s easier to mix into drinks, making it a popular choice for baristas.

Add Cane Sugar Syrup

Dunkin’ really knows how to sweeten the deal with their sweetener options. From classic granulated sugar to the smooth liquid cane sugar, they’ve got you covered. 

And hey, if you’re keeping an eye on sugar intake, they also have 7 sugar-free flavors and counting

No matter your taste, Dunkin’ caters to everyone’s sweet tooth.

What Liquid Cane Sugar Does Dunkin’ Use?

Turns out, it varies by location. 

A friendly barista at my local Dunkin’ spilled the beans: in North America, it’s manufactured by a company called Sweeteners Plus.

You can try buying or making your own, but let’s be real, it won’t taste exactly the same. Its exact flavor is hard to replicate.

Taste Profile: Dunkin Liquid Cane Sugar

Now that we’ve uncovered the origins of Dunkin’s liquid cane sugar, let’s explore its taste profile. 

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at its flavor, appearance, and ingredient make up, revealing the secrets behind this sweet sensation.

Refresher Simple Syrup

1. Ingredients

First up, let’s talk about what goes into the liquid cane sugar at Dunkin’. 

Although we don’t know its exact proportions, the ingredients are a simple mix of cane sugar, water, potassium sorbate (a preservative), and malic acid

Malic acid brings a hint of tartness to round out the sweetness. 

These few components come together to create that pourable sweetness.

2. Flavor

The first time I tried their liquid cane sugar, I ordered it in a plain iced coffee. 

I didn’t mind it in coffee at all. It’s like a lighter version of molasses. Or brown sugar but with more depth. It also has a faint maple syrup hint to it (although I might just be reading into things). 

Comparing it with other types of sweeteners, I’d give it a medium on the sweetness scale.

3. Texture & Appearance

I caught a glimpse of it at the store, sitting in a large pump bottle. 

To my surprise, it was lighter in color than I had anticipated, resembling regular syrup. I had expected a deeper brown hue.

As for the texture, it’s like any other syrup, but once it’s mixed into your drink, you won’t even notice it’s there.

4. Nutrition

Dunkin’s liquid cane sugar contains 10 calories per pump.

And according to the barista, iced drinks typically have 2 to 3 pumps, which means you could be consuming up to 30 calories from the cane sugar alone.

It’s worth noting that liquid cane sugar is less refined than traditional sugar, which means it retains some nutritional value. Hey, at least it’s not all bad, right? (1)

Comparing Liquid Cane Sugar To Other Sugars

If you’re curious about how Dunkin’s liquid cane sugar compares to other sweeteners offered at this popular coffee joint, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll compare tasting notes, ingredients, and drink pairing of each sweetener below.

Sweetener Syrup

High-Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup made from corn starch, is the sweet culprit in Dunkin’s swirls. 

Despite its bad rep, high fructose corn syrup delivers a bold and intense sweetness. Liquid cane sugar is made from sugar cane and offers a different sweet sensation. 

From my experience, liquid cane sugar has a cleaner, more natural taste, which makes it my preferred choice for my caffeine fix.

Granulated Sugar

Dunkin’s granulated sugar can be found in cold foams and most drinks including the ‘The Charli’, giving them a classic sweetness. 

White sugar as we know it comes from a root vegetable, a type of white beetroot known simply as the sugar beet. (2)

It’s hard to say which tastes better in all drinks. However, one thing’s for sure – liquid cane sugar is much easier to work into iced beverages and won’t leave a gritty residue at the bottom of your cup.

Sugar Substitutes

Sugar substitutes, like Splenda, are artificial sweeteners offered at Dunkin upon request. 

They contain ingredients such as sucralose and maltodextrin. Liquid cane sugar is more natural and less processed. 

It’s a tasty alternative, offering a clean flavor, while the sugar substitutes cater to those watching their sugar intake.

Which Dunkin Drink Does It Go Well In?

Ah, the sweet dilemma of pairing the perfect Dunkin’ drink with liquid cane sugar! From cold brews to iced teas, we’ll explore which Dunkin’ beverages go well with liquid cane sugar. 

Get ready to satisfy your cravings and discover your new go-to Dunkin’ order.

1. Cold Brews

Cold Brew
Dunkin’ Cold Brew

Liquid cane sugar, with its light molasses flavor, beautifully complements Dunkin’ cold brews

Adding liquid cane sugar to cold brew coffee can enhance its taste and create a nice balance, especially since the coffee flavor tends to be more muted in cold brews. 

If you drink it as-is, you can even pick up on the subtle undertones of the cane sugar.

2. Iced Teas

Iced Green Tea
Dunkin’ Iced Tea

Iced teas can be a bit yawn-inducing, right? 

But Dunkin’s iced teas with liquid cane sugar are a whole different story. They add a nice depth of flavor that keeps boredom at bay

While you’re at it, kick it up a notch with some flavor shots. Blueberry is my favorite.

3. Vanilla & Caramel Drinks

Birthday Swirl
Dunkin’ Birthday Swirl

Liquid cane sugar truly shines when paired with Dunkin’s vanilla and caramel drinks. 

Again, it complements their flavors, bringing out their rich and creamy goodness.

I personally recommend adding it to any drink with the vanilla swirl. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

MAKE IT AT HOME: Dunkin Hazelnut Swirl (It’s So Easy)

4. Lattes & Cappuccinos

Dunkin Latte

Another class of drinks that goes well with liquid cane sugar are lattes and cappuccinos. This sweet nectar adds to the milky flavor while taming coffee’s bitterness.

Comparing it to granulated sugar, it leaves a light caramel note and most importantly, doesn’t leave that awful grit at the bottom of your cup.

The Verdict: Dunkin Liquid Cane Sugar

Dunkin Liquid Cane Sugar

If it were up to me, I’d say that Dunkin liquid cane sugar truly deserves a spot in your drink lineup.

The subtle hint of light molasses flavor adds a unique twist, and it pairs exceptionally well with coffee drinks.

Plus, the more natural ingredients are a refreshing alternative to those pesky artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. Why not try it and enjoy the pure taste?


Does Dunkin Donuts have liquid cane sugar?

Dunkin’ Donuts does have liquid cane sugar, and it’s typically on hand. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check with the barista, just in case. 

While you’re there, why not ask the barista for their recommendations on which drinks taste best with a bit of liquid cane sugar? They’re the experts, after all.

How many calories are in Dunkin’s liquid cane sugar?

Each pump of Dunkin liquid cane sugar contains about 10 calories

But beware, the number of pumps in your drink depends on its type and size and can add up!

So, next time you enjoy your favorite Dunkin’ beverage, remember to factor in those sneaky sugar calories.

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