Lowest Calorie Milk At Starbucks: Researched & Ranked

If you’re trying to keep your calories in check but still want to indulge in Starbucks goodness, don’t worry – we’ve got your back! We did the hard work of finding the lowest calorie milk at Starbucks for you, so you don’t have to compromise on taste.

Check out our top pick below!

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What Kind of Milk Is At Starbucks?

Starbucks offers 9 types of milk you can add to your drink, depending on the type.

Despite whole milk, there are 3 more variations, including 2%, non-fat, breve, and heavy cream.

Starbucks offers plant-based milk since 1997, starting with soy and later introducing coconut in 2015 and almond milk in 2016.

Oatmilk came a while later, in 2021. Depending on your location, plant-based milk might come at a surcharge. (1)

Splash of Milk

What Is The Lowest Calorie Milk At Starbucks?

Almond milk is ultimately the lowest calorie milk at Starbucks.

It contains only 60 calories per cup or 90 calories per tall cup.

Each cup has a small amount of sugar, about 3 grams and is packed with calcium and vitamins D and A.

Starbucks Milk Calories (Ranked)

We know the lowest calorie milk at Starbucks, but what about the rest of them? We’ve ranked them per calorie count in a cup or 8 fl. oz. Let’s explore!

7. Whole Milk

Whole Milk

As expected, classic whole milk contains the highest amount of calories thanks to the high fat and medium sugar content. It also has the highest protein content.

The largest portion of the 160 calories comes from milk fat, while the rest is attributed to sugar. Surprisingly, it contains the same amount of sugar as 2% milk.


  • Per Cup: 160 cals
  • Tall: 240 cals
  • Grande: 320 cals
  • Venti: 450 cals

6. Oat Milk

Oat Milk

The second highest calorie milk choice at Starbucks is a plant-based one! 

The Oatly Barista milk used at Starbucks comes in at 140 calories per cup. Most of its calories can be attributed to sugar (9.5 g) and fat (7 g).

Oat milk is rich in vitamins B12 and D and calcium.


  • Per Cup: 140 cals
  • Tall: 210 cals
  • Grande: 280 cals
  • Venti: 420 cals

5. 2% Milk

2% Milk

With 40% less fat than whole milk, 2% or skim milk is a low-fat alternative. But when it comes to calories, the difference isn’t that big at all.

An 8 oz cup has 130 calories. When compared to whole milk, it’s only 30 calories less and has roughly the same amount of sugar.


  • Per Cup: 130 cals
  • Tall: 200 cals
  • Grande: 260 cals
  • Venti: 370 cals

4. Soy Milk

Soy Milk

Soy milk was the first plant-based milk to be introduced at Starbucks and comes with a moderate amount of sugar.

It’s got a similar amount of sugar as coconut milk but comes in lower in fat at only 105 calories per cup.

As an extra perk, soy milk has the highest protein content of all plant milk offered at Starbucks. 


  • Per Cup: 105 cals
  • Tall: 160 cals
  • Grande: 210 cals
  • Venti: 300 cals

3. Non-Fat Milk

Fat Free Milk

Non-fat, also known as ‘skinny milk’, has most of its fat content removed. This results in low fat and low calorie content. 

However, non-fat milk has a higher sugar content at 13 grams per cup resulting in 90 calories per 8 oz.


  • Per Cup: 90 cals
  • Tall: 130 cals
  • Grande: 180 cals
  • Venti: 250 cals

2. Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk

At 5.5 grams per cup, coconut milk has the highest fat content of all plant milk.

Yes, it tastes sweet and feels rich, but it may come as a surprise that it’s only 90 calories (per cup). This puts it in a ‘calorie-tie’ with non-fat milk.


  • Per Cup: 90 cals
  • Tall: 130 cals
  • Grande: 180 cals
  • Venti: 250 cals

1. Almond Milk

Almond Milk Lowest Calorie Milk At Starbucks

Not only is almond milk low in fat, but it’s also low in sugar which results in low calorie count compared to other milk options. 

At only 3 grams of sugar per cup, almond milk is the least sugary one you can get at Starbucks.


  • Per Cup: 60 cals
  • Tall: 90 cals
  • Grande: 120 cals
  • Venti: 250 cals


Lowest Calorie Milk At Starbucks

If you wondered what’s the lowest calorie milk at Starbucks, we have the answer.

Go for almond milk everytime! It’s the perfect choice for saving your calories for a real dessert.

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