Does Starbucks Have Hot Chocolate? Yes & Here Are The Best

Does Starbucks have hot chocolate? Never has there been a more ridiculous question. Absolutely!

If you like melt-in-your-mouth, chocolaty goodness then I cannot tell you how much you will love it. 

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Does Starbucks Have Hot Chocolate?

They carry the classic hot chocolate on their menu. If you’re a little more adventurous, their seasonal hot chocolates like the salted caramel hot chocolate are also gooey-good. 

Their mocha hot chocolate is my absolute favorite. You get a little bit of coffee, a little bit of milk, and a whole lot of chocolate! 

How to Make Dutch Bros Cocomo

Starbucks has been a champion in providing customers with high-quality coffee.

It was a no-brainer to add hot chocolate to the menu.

First invented by the Mayans in 500 BC, this classic drink has deep roots in South America.

3 Types Of Starbucks Hot Chocolate

Two classic hot chocolates, regular and white chocolate are on their menu. 

There’s a third variety, which is mocha. A mocha combines any of the hot chocolates above with a coffee.

I would recommend the dark chocolate mocha to anyone with a chocolate craving.  

Does Starbucks Hot Chocolate Have Caffeine?

Preparing Mochaccino
Homemade Mochaccino

All chocolate has a minute amount of caffeine

Dark chocolate is the highest caffeinated chocolate with 12 milligrams per oz. Milk chocolate has 9 milligrams per 1.55 oz. And white chocolate has no caffeine because it’s not actual chocolate.    

Starbucks adds coffee to their mochas which adds a greater amount of caffeine to your drink.     

Hot Chocolates At Starbucks

This chocolaty goodness is simply made with milk, chocolate, vanilla, and if you’re feeling fancy, a little bit of whipped cream on top drizzled with mocha sauce. 

1. Toasted White Hot Chocolate

Toasted White Chocolate

This warm beverage has a burnt marshmallowy taste.

Toasted white hot chocolate is a seasonal flavor that brings out the feeling of a warm fireplace. This holiday treat is one to look forward to at Christmas.  

Flavor Profile:

  • Sweet roasting marshmallows
  • Savory white chocolate with holiday sprinkles 
  • Hints of creamy pillows of whipped cream

2. Classic Hot Chocolate

Next to Dutch Bros, Starbucks’ version is one of the best. I absolutely love its rich chocolatey taste.

Getting a hot chocolate is a special occasion drink and something to cherish and savor. (1)

Flavor Profile:

  • Strong, flavorful chocolaty excellence
  • Hints of creamy sweetness from the fluffy whipped cream
  • Hidden beneath the layers of chocolate a slight aroma of vanilla 

3. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

If you’ve ever had a peppermint chocolate chip cookie or peppermint chocolate cupcake, then you know this is going to be good. 

I personally love this minty-sweet combination but not everyone is on board with this pairing.  

Flavor Profile:

  • Sweet, savory chocolate is the dominant flavor of this drink
  • A sweet minty-fresh aftertaste follows the chocolate

4. White Hot Chocolate

Starbucks White Hot Chocolate Recipe
Homemade recipe

This warm, smooth drink is just like its sibling, the hot chocolate.

The white hot chocolate is what it sounds like; white chocolate melted with creamy milk topped with whipped cream.

Flavor Profile:

  • Single strong flavor of the creamy white chocolate flavor
  • Light, soft whipped cream

Secret Menu Hot Chocolate

1. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Sadly, this favorite salty-sweet treat is no longer available at Starbucks. However, you can easily recreate this secret menu drink

Ask for a regular hot chocolate but with salted caramel syrup.

The regular hot chocolate has chocolate drizzle, but you can ask for caramel instead.  

Flavor Profile:

  • Toffee nut syrup has a distinctive buttery, caramel flavor  
  • Topped with yummy whipped cream and gooey-sweet caramel drizzle

2. Tuxedo Hot Chocolate

This half-and-half cozy drink combines two of their favorite classic hot chocolates. 

Ask for two pumps each of chocolate mocha and white chocolate mocha to get this amazing drink at your favorite Starbucks location. 

Flavor Profile:

  • The bitter bite of dark chocolate is balanced out by the sweetness of the white mocha syrup
  • Topped with creamy soft whipped cream and crunchy sprinkles   

3. Smores’s Hot Chocolate

Smore’s Hot Chocolate

If you can get a chance, try this hot chocolate. Nothing is better than replicating that warm Smore flavor with an open fire.

Simply order a hot chocolate with four pumps of chestnut praline syrup.

Flavor Profile:

  • Milky warm chocolate flavor 
  • Hints of savory nutty taste replicating the smoky graham cracker flavor 

4. Mexican Hot Chocolate

Ask for a pump of mocha, white mocha, two pumps of cinnamon syrup and if you want, topped with extra cinnamon powder

Traditionally, Mexican hot chocolate has some heat to it, like a pinch of chili pepper. Starbucks does not offer this. You will have to add your own spicy kick if you want some heat.    

Flavor Profile:

  • Underlining flavor of sweet milky chocolate
  • Sharp, warm spicy cinnamon but not overpowering and is the dominant flavor 

5. Cinnamon Bun Hot Chocolate

Cinnamon Bun Hot Chocolate

Similar to Mexican hot chocolate, you need breve milk mixed with one pump of mocha, white mocha, cinnamon dolce, and vanilla syrup.

I recommend topping with whipped cream and a drizzle of extra cinnamon dolce.

Flavor Profile:

  • A balance between creamy sweet and spicy cinnamon 
  • More sweet than spicy, it has a strong cinnamon bun flavor

Make It Your Way

No one said you have to follow the rules or the menu. Starbucks has a million and one ways to make your chocolate drink special. 

Variety is the spice of life, so why not try out all the spices? 

Top With Powder

Swap Your Toppings

Starbucks has an array of toppings at your disposal. From sprinkles to powders to syrups, there’s always something new to try. 

Whipped cream is the most popular but try out cookie crumbles or molasses drizzle instead.

Change Your Milk

Starbucks caters to all dietary and flavor needs, from high-fat milk for strong creamy flavors to plant-based kinds of milk for dairy-free options

Play around with the different kinds of milk to get different flavors.   

Cut Calories

If you’re looking to cut down on those pesky calories, try simplifying your drink. Drop the sugary toppings and the fatty milk.

If you ask for the skinny version of your hot chocolate drink, the barista will help you cut out any unnecessary calories. 


Does Starbucks Have Hot Chocolate

Does Starbucks have hot chocolate? They have a variety of hot chocolates to try, each with its own flavors and spices that make them unique. 

Mix and match the multitudes of toppings, milk, and syrups. Create a host of specialized drinks.    


Does Starbucks have hot chocolate all year?

They carry the classic hot chocolate and white hot chocolate all year round. Customize these drinks to your heart’s content. 

Whether summer, spring, winter, or fall this comforting drink can be enjoyed any day of the week.

Does Starbucks have sugar-free hot chocolate?

No, they don’t carry sugar-free hot chocolate. All Starbucks drinks containing sauces or syrups will have sugar. 

In order to create that wonderful sweet flavor, sugar is boiled down to a syrup-like consistency, and the flavor is added.

What hot chocolate does Starbucks use?

Starbucks used its personal brand of mocha. 

Starbucks’ brand of mocha sauce can be found at other stores like Walmart, sold in 12-ounce bottles for your own personal use at home.  

Does Starbucks have frozen hot chocolate?

The closest you can get to a frozen hot chocolate is the secret menu iced hot chocolate, which is simply chocolate milk with ice cubes. 

There are a variety of frozen hot frappuccinos that come with mocha sauce or white chocolate sauce.  

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