10 Mind-Blowing Dutch Bros Strawberry Drinks & Secret Menu Items

Friends, I’m about to take you on a seriously good Dutch Bros strawberry drinks taste test you won’t forget.

We’re going to check out secret-menu winners, and the drinks everyone loves.

Here’s your personal pass into all the best drinks where strawberries are the star!

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Does Dutch Bros Have A Strawberry Drink?

You bet! A whole lineup of Dutch Bros strawberry drinks that you’ll want to try exists.

The newest kids on the block are frosted lemonade featuring real fruit strawberry and a delightful strawberry horchata.

And let’s not forget the classics like strawberry smoothies and Rebels. With such a variety, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

Pour Vanilla Cold Foam

Dutch Bros Strawberry Drinks

If you’re nuts for strawberries as I am, then you’ll be pleased to know that Dutch Bros has a whole part of their menu dedicated JUST to our favorite berry.

You can choose from the classics to ‘secret drinks’. You’ll never feel like you’re wasting your time—even if it’s just smoothies or lemonades that get you going.

Blended Strawberry Lemonade

Dutch Bros Strawberry Lemonade

Recently, Dutch Bros strawberry lemonades have been flying off the menu.

Here’s the dance: it’s part lemonade and part strawberry syrup, and it’s basically the drink to beat during strawberry season.

But really, you could have it anytime you need a little something that’s cold and pick-me-up’y.

1. Tiger’s Blood

Tigers Blood
Not the ‘pink drink’ version

Tiger’s Blood… has a weird name but a totally enjoyable mix-up, with a blend of coconut and strawberry in lemonade.

Some folks add coconut milk to give it a ‘Starbucks pink drink’ vibe, but I’m usually fine with it as is.

My Recommendation:

For a smoother experience, I’d go for the blended version (double-blend it if you like). The drink transforms, offering a texture that goes down easy.

How To Order:

“Hi, can I get an Iced Tiger’s Blood Lemonade?”


  • Strawberry syrup
  • Coconut syrup
  • Dutch lemonade

2. Strawberry Pineapple

Dutch Bros’ strawberry pineapple lemonade isn’t just a lemonade–oh no, it’s a whole trip to the tropics.

It’s made from their lemonade mix with added strawberry and pineapple flavors, and it’s totally tasty in its frozen or icy form.

For those that need to know – a medium drink will give you 230 calories and 54 grams of sugar.

My Recommendation:

I wholly recommend adding a soft top and some strawberry real fruit to take it to a whole new level.

How To Order:

“Hey, can I get a Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade, please?”


  • Strawberry syrup
  • Pineapple syrup
  • Dutch lemonade
  • Soft top
  • Strawberry real fruit

Dutch Bros Strawberry Coffee

Who would have thought that combining coffee and strawberry would be a good idea? It turns out it can taste pretty darn good.

Here are my top two recommendations for Dutch Bros strawberry coffee drinks.

3. Strawberry Mocha Tuxedo (Secret Menu)

Strawberry Mocha Tuxedo
Better with a strawberry soft top

Most OGs know about the Strawberry Mocha Tuxedo, but if you’re new to the Dutch Bros game, well—now you know.

The base is made of white chocolate, white coffee, and normal chocolate—that’s the tuxedo part.

But a little twist: chuck in some strawberry syrup into the mix and that makes it a trooper.

My Recommendation:

For an extra layer of flavor, ask for strawberry and chocolate walls to line your cup. And if you’re really in the mood for a strawberry overload, go for a strawberry soft top.

How To Order:

“Hi, I’d like a blended Strawberry Mocha Tuxedo with strawberry soft top, please!”


  • Iced mocha with white coffee
  • White chocolate sauce
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Strawberry syrup
  • Strawberry & chocolate drizzle
  • Soft top

4. Strawberry Iced Coffee Breve (Secret Menu)

This drink is a tasty surprise, especially if you’re fond of Neapolitan ice cream.

Regular syrup is recommended to capture the full essence of the drink. The result? A beverage that evokes the flavors of that iconic three-layered ice cream.

My Recommendation:

Opting for white coffee is the way to go here, as it allows the strawberry flavor to shine.

How To Order:

“Hey, can I get a Strawberry Iced Coffee Breve with white coffee?”


  • Iced white coffee breve
  • Strawberry syrup
  • Chocolate drizzle
  • Soft top

Strawberry Dutch Frost

If you’re craving a milkshake, Dutch Bros has you covered with their Strawberry Dutch Frost.

It’s a blend of their creamy ice cream mix and strawberry goodness. Perfect for when you need an indulgent fruity pick-me-up.

5. Blackberry Dutch Frosted Lemonade

Blackberry Frosted Lemonade
Topped with strawberry real fruit

Is this technically a frost or a lemonade?

Either way, this one’s a twist on your classic drink. It mixes the tartness of lemonade with the sweetness of blackberries and real strawberry fruit but in a frosted form.

It’s a great option if you’re looking to try something a bit different but still want that tangy kick.

My Recommendation:

If sweet drinks aren’t up your alley, consider asking for it 1/2 sweet. I’ve found that this creates the right balance of tart and fruity flavors.

How To Order:

“Hey, a Blackberry Dutch Frosted Lemonade with real strawberry fruit float, please!”


  • Blackberry syrup
  • Dutch lemonade
  • Ice-cream mix
  • Strawberry real fruit

6. Strawberry Lavender Frost

Strawberry Lavender
Afternoon tea in a beverage

Strawberry Lavender Frost is more than just a drink; it’s an experience.

The strawberry brings a sweet, refreshing element, while the lavender adds a touch of sophistication.

It’s almost like having a fancy afternoon tea but in a more casual, sip-able form. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more ‘refined’, this is your go-to.

My Recommendation:

This drink also shines as a chai version, capturing the essence of the strawberry horchata we all know and love.

How To Order:

“Hi, can I get a Strawberry Lavender Frost?”


  • Strawberry syrup
  • Lavender syrup
  • Ice-cream mix

Strawberry Rebels

Not a fan of coffee? Then Dutch Bros Rebels are your go-to for a quick energy fix.

You’ll be thrilled with their strawberry-infused options. These aren’t your average energy drinks either; the strawberry versions bring a burst of fruity punch to the mix.

7. Double Rainbro

Double Rainbro
Ask for the SF version

You can’t overlook a classic Rebel! Double Rainbro (1) is a vibrant energy drink that blends strawberry, peach, and coconut syrups.

A medium-sized drink contains 250 calories and 58 grams of sugar, which isn’t too bad compared to other Dutch Bros drinks.

To cut down on calories, you can always request part of the drink to be sugar-free.

My Recommendation:

I usually go for the iced option, but I’ve heard rave reviews about the blended version, especially if slushies are your thing.

How To Order:

“Hey, a sugar-free Double Rainbro Rebel, iced, please!”


  • Strawberry syrup
  • Peach syrup
  • Coconut syrup
  • Dutch Rebel

8. Coconut, Raspberry & Pineapple Rebel (Secret Menu)

Strawberry Coconut Pineapple
Secret menu item!

This one’s a secret menu recommendation from a Dutch fan. Ready for the recipe? It’s long…

Order a blended Rebel with coconut milk. Add pineapple, coconut, and red raspberry but make it parfait-style. For toppings, get it with a soft top and more red raspberry and pineapple drizzle. And finally, add strawberry real fruit.

The result? A few eye-rolls and a drink that’s dangerously delicious and tastes like a tropical cocktail.

My Recommendation:

Seriously though, it’s a complicated drink. So it’s best to order it when the line isn’t too long.

How To Order:

“I’d like a blended Coconut, Red Razz & Pineapple Rebel, parfait-style with soft top & strawberry real fuit, thanks!”


  • Coconut milk
  • Pineapple syrup
  • Coconut syrup
  • Raspberry syrup
  • Soft top
  • Strawberry real fruit

Other Dutch Bros Strawberry Drinks

9. Strawberry Horchata Chai

Strawberry Horchata
Everyone’s favorite

The Strawberry Horchata Chai has a special place in the hearts of Dutch Bros fans.

This chai is a ridiculous take on traditional chai, and you might as well give in and try it yourself.

Blended up, it becomes thick and frosty. And if your calories are under a watchful eye, don’t worry—they’ve got a sugar-free version.

My Recommendation:

If you’re a strawberry enthusiast like me, asking for extra strawberry syrup & strawberry soft top is a good move.

How To Order:

“Hey, can I get an Iced Strawberry Horchata Chai with strawberry soft top?”


  • Oregon chai
  • Milk
  • White chocolate sauce
  • Caramel sauce
  • Cinnamon syrup
  • Strawberry syrup
  • Strawberry soft top
  • Cinnamon sprinkles

10. Lava Flow

Lava Flow
Insta-worthy drink

Lava Flow is what I’d call a Dutch Bros OG that makes a comeback every so often.

It starts with a mango smoothie base and is finished off with a vibrant strawberry drizzle.

Not only does it look stunning, but it also tastes amazing. It’s a great choice when you’re in the mood for something tropical and Insta-worthy.

My Recommendation:

How about adding a shot of coconut flavor to give it a tropical twist? The coconut blends well with the existing mango and strawberry flavors.

How To Order:

“Hey, can I grab a Mango Smoothie with strawberry drizzle & whip please?”


  • Mango smoothie
  • Whipped cream
  • Strawberry drizzle

What Strawberry Syrup Does Dutch Bros Have?

The secret sauce—or should I say syrup? Dutch Bros relies on Torani for that authentic strawberry flavor.

They even use Torani’s smoothie mix for that extra kick. Now, if you’re into the real deal, they’ve recently added an option with actual strawberry fruit, more like a puree.

And for those counting calories or sugar grams, they’ve got you covered with a sugar-free version.

MAKE IT AT HOME: Copycat Strawberry Puree Recipe

Strawberry Puree Top


Dutch Bros Strawberry Drinks

That’s a wrap on a whole load of Dutch Bros strawberry drinks.

You’ve got their lip-smacking fruity lemonades, high-on-energy Rebels, and the most unusual option—strawberry with coffee.

My best drink is still the Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade. It’s like a drink that makes you slow down and enjoy it all.

Whether you’re all about the berries or love them mixed into other flavors, Dutch Bros has a lineup that won’t disappoint.

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