Dutch Bros White Coffee Drinks: What Is It Really?

We all have a favorite drive-through, and if Dutch Bros is your favorite, you probably know of their extensive coffee menu. The most questionable addition from a few years back is their Dutch Bros White Coffee drinks.

Is it a new coffee species or type of sauce? Here’s what we discovered.

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Topics Explored

  1. What is White Coffee at Dutch Bros?
  2. How to Order It
  3. How Much Caffeine is in White Coffee?
  4. White Coffee vs. White Drinks
  5. 10 White Coffee Drinks at Dutch Bros
  6. Other White Drinks (No Coffee)

What is White Coffee?

White coffee is an espresso made from beans roasted at a lower temperature and at half the roasting time.

The beans are initially green, turn golden-white, and then brown as the roasting process advances.

Dutch Bros white coffee is made with slightly roasted coffee beans that lend an earthy flavor and packs a caffeine punch.

Ground White Coffee Closeup
Ground white coffee

Dutch Bros is a privately owned drive-through coffee chain that has operated for almost 30 years in over 11 states(1). They have an expansive menu with unique drinks, and white coffee is one of their special items.

Where does Dutch Bros get their white coffee from?

Dutch Bros haven’t specifically disclosed what’s their exact source. However, they source all their beans from Brazil, Colombia, and El Salvador(2).

It’s not certified organic, as they claim organic production takes a massive toll on farmers.

Instead, Dutch Bros supports coffee trade organizations that help farmers find innovative resolutions to challenging agricultural problems.

How to order white coffee at Dutch Bros?

White coffee shot vs. regular espresso

To order one at Dutch Bros, simply ask your friendly bro-ista if you can swap regular espresso for white coffee shots. If white coffee is available at your location, it should be pretty straightforward.

Can you buy Dutch Bros white coffee?

Check if the location you’re at sells white coffee. If they do, you can get white coffee as part of a finished beverage.

You might ask the barista if they’re willing to sell you a straight shot of white coffee. Dutch Bros sells their Reserve coffee beans online, but that’s not the case with their white roast.

How Much Caffeine Is In White Coffee?

White Coffee Beans
White Coffee beans

The amount of caffeine in their white coffee is not disclosed.

Since we roast our own beans and are familiar with the process, I can estimate that it contains more caffeine than regular coffee.

The longer the beans are roasted, the more caffeine is burnt off, so dark roasts are less caffeinated than light ones. On average, white coffee contains 5.4% more caffeine.

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White Coffee vs. White Drink(s)

White coffee is a particular type of espresso made from lightly roasted beans. You can have shots of white coffee added as a base to other Dutch coffee beverages.

White drinks are just a generic name for beverages. They’re usually a creamy or milky drink that includes white chocolate sauce or a whipped cream topping.

10 White Coffee Drinks at Dutch Bros

Now you’re in the loop! Dutch Bros isn’t just about regular espresso.

And if you’re open to shaking things up, their white coffee drinks will not just impress but get your energy pumping. Here are some fantastic white coffee pairings.

1. White Coffee Cookie

Dutch Bros White Coffee Cookie
Photo by Dutch Bros

Who doesn’t love cookies and combining them with coffee? The white coffee cookie is an item from the secret menu that’s sweet, nutty, with a coffee hint.

It’s made with white espresso, which gives it an earthy flavor. I recommend having it iced so that the white coffee flavor comes through.

There’s also white chocolate sauce, chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and half and half, which work great with this unique espresso roast.

How To Order:

“Hi, can I get an Iced White Cookie Breve with white coffee please?”

How It’s Made:

  • White chocolate sauce
  • Chocolate macadamia nut syrup
  • Half & half
  • White coffee
  • Recommended Add-on: Soft top

2. White Mocha

Dutch Bros White Mocha Cold Brew
Photo by Dutch Bros

The white mocha cold brew is a well-balanced coffee drink with the perfect amount of sweetness. For fans who love the taste of mocha, Dutch Bros makes the ideal combination.

White chocolate sauce and chocolate milk to their signature white coffee Perfect for when you need a delicious caffeine dose.

Want that insta-worthy look? Add soft top and watch the ribbons of cream cascade down the mocha.

How To Order:

“Hey, could I grab a White Mocha with white coffee & soft top”

How It’s Made:

  • White chocolate sauce
  • Chocolate milk
  • White coffee
  • Recommended Add-on: Soft top

3. Oat Milk White Chocolate Lavender Latte

Dutch Bros White Chocolate Lavender
Photo by Caitlin Rose

Lavender-infused coffee drinks are not just fragrant and aesthetic, but they taste great too.

Dutch Bros Oat Milk White Chocolate Lavender Latte combines espresso, oat milk, lavender syrup, and white chocolate sauce(3).

You can get it iced or hot, whatever your preference. 

How To Order:

“Hey, can I grab an Oat Milk White Chocolate Lavender Latte with white coffee?”

How It’s Made:

  • White chocolate sauce
  • Oat milk
  • Lavender syrup
  • White coffee

4. White Zombie or White Angel

Dutch Bros White Angel
Photo by Arlene Alina

White Zombie and White Angel are delightful ways for you to get into the white coffee craze. Both drinks are made with their signature white espresso.

They’re almost identical, combining coffee, white chocolate, vanilla syrup, and half and half, but the White Angel comes with the addition of coconut syrup.

Both drinks are much better off iced if you asked me.

How To Order:

“Could I have a White Zombie (or White Angel) Freeze with white coffee?”

How It’s Made:

  • White chocolate sauce
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Coconut syrup (White Angel)
  • Half & half
  • White coffee

 5. The Nutty Irishman

Dutch Bros Nutty Irishman
Photo by Mackenzee Schwarze

Dutch Bros’ spin on Irish coffee is one of a kind. Our version of the Nutty Irishman is made with white coffee, which is pretty strong and ideal for this drink.

Then it’s combined with Irish cream and hazelnut syrup.

Try this ‘boozy’ cream and strong coffee as a freeze for a wickedly refreshing drink.

How To Order:

“Hi, can I grab a Nutty Irishman Freeze with white coffee?”

How It’s Made:

  • Irish cream
  • Hazelnut syrup
  • White coffee

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6. Golden Eagle With White Coffee

White Golden Eagle
Photo by newportdutchbros

Golden Eagle is one of the most popular drinks at Dutch Bros. It’s an all-season drink as you can get it hot, iced, and blended.

The base is white coffee with the addition of half and half, vanilla syrup, and caramel sauce. The creamy drink is then topped with whipped cream or soft top and more caramel sauce.

How To Order:

“Could I get a Golden Eagle Breve with white coffee & soft top?”

How It’s Made:

  • Caramel sauce
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Half & half
  • White coffee
  • Soft top

RECIPE: Make Your Own Golden Eagle (5-Star Recipe)

7. Sweater Weather Chai

Sweater Weather Chai
Photo by dutchbrossouthsac

Can the Dutch Bros Sweater Weather Chai get even better? Yes, with an extra shot of white coffee for that caffeine kick!

The white chocolate and chai are a match made in heaven. Together, they taste like a rich and elevated chai latte. However, some are not fond of the white coffee’s grassy notes (I’m ok with it though!)

Also, you can order it warm or iced, so it’s versatile. Who can turn down that perfect balance of cinnamon, warmth, and sweetness? Not me!

How To Order:

“I’d like a Sweater Weather Chai with a shot of white coffee!”

How It’s Made:

  • White coffee
  • Oregon chai
  • 2% Milk
  • White chocolate sauce
  • Soft top
  • Cinnamon powder

8. Dutch Luv Latte

Dutch Luv Latte
Photo by Amanda Martin

The Dutch Luv Latte is another one of Dutch Bros’ creations that not everyone seems to be about. But for people who don’t like their coffee to be too crazy, this one’s underrated.

Dutch Bros combines white coffee’s nuttier, milder taste with a touch of raspberry because… it’s Valentines’!

This latte is for anyone who wants to give their stomach a break from acidic coffee, without wanting to miss out on caffeine.

How To Order:

“Hey, can I get a Dutch Luv Latte with extra chocolate drizzle, please?”

How It’s Made:

  • White coffee
  • 2% Milk
  • Cupcake syrup
  • Raspberry syrup
  • Pink soft top

9. Cookies and Cream

Dutch Bros Cookies & Cream
Photo by Dutch Bros Coffee North Coast Oregon

So, the way Dutch Bros makes the Cookies and Cream Breve is by combining rich white chocolate syrup with oodles of chocolate drizzle and white coffee.

And believe me, it looks as good as it tastes.

A quick note to the folks who prefer their coffee on the lighter side: It’s definitely a put-on-your-big-girl-sweet-tooth kinda drink, but you can ask for lighter sweetener or sugar-free syrup if you’re not into that.

How To Order:

“Yes, I’d love a sugar-free Cookies & Cream Breve with white coffee & chocolate drizz.”

How It’s Made:

  • White coffee
  • Half & half
  • White chocolate sauce
  • Chocolate drizzle

Other Dutch Bros White Drinks (No Coffee)

White drinks don’t have to contain coffee. So even if you’re caffeine-sensitive or pay attention to your intake, you can enjoy some of Dutch Bros’s signature white drinks. Here’s our pick when it comes to non-coffee white beverages.

Dutch Bros Christmas Morning

White Chocolate Cocoa

Warm up with a cup of Dutch Bros hot white chocolate cocoa. Unlike the classic hot cocoa that we’re used to, this special drink is a mix of their in-house chocolate milk and white chocolate sauce.

It comes topped with whipped cream, but you’re free to add some extra flavor too.

Horchata Chai

Strawberry Horchata
Strawberry Horchata Chai

Horchata is a Spanish plant-based milky drink made from tiger nuts or rice. As it enjoys worldwide popularity, Dutch Bros uses it to make horchata chai. They combine horchata with their specialty chai blend, add some extra cinnamon, white chocolate mocha, and caramel sauce on top.

You can get it hot, iced, or blended with some vanilla whipped cream.

White Chocolate Dutch Frost

White Choc Frost
Dutch Frost

Are you looking for Dutch Bros interpretation of milkshake? This is the one. Their White Chocolate Dutch Frost is a simple combination of white chocolate sauce and whipped cream, making it very sweet.

However, if you’re not looking for a dessert in a cup, get the Freeze version that comes with an added caffeine kick.

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The Final Word

Dutch Bros White Coffee

White coffee has a different interpretation anywhere in the world. For some it is a unique bean; for others, it doesn’t include coffee beans at all. Dutch Bros white coffee is made from lightly roasted coffee beans with an earthy aroma more than a characteristic coffee one.

Since caffeine burns out the longer the beans are roasted, white coffee beans have one of the highest caffeine content.

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