How to Order Decaf On The Starbucks App (With Photos)

Quitting caffeine is hard when your favorite drink contains a good amount. Luckily, coffee chains have our back and provide good substitutions that barely affect the taste. If you’re wondering how to order decaf on Starbucks app, here’s a simple guide.

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What is the Starbucks App?

The Starbucks app simplifies the coffee ordering experience by cutting the time you spend explaining your order. You place the order ahead on the mobile app, and it will be ready for pick up.

You can pay in-store with cash or card or save a card on the app and pay directly when ordering.

Starbucks App

You can search for nearby Starbucks locations, their menu, and working hours on the app. At drive-thrus, you can skip the speaker box and head to the window for pick up. 

You can slightly customize most drinks, but it doesn’t provide a way to order secret menu items. The app also provides contactless payment.

How to Order Decaf On The Starbucks App

Colada in Tacitas

The best part of the Starbucks app is the option to customize your drink without feeling like you’re bothering the barista. 

You get to switch between decaf and regular roast too! Let’s show you how to order decaf latte on Starbucks app.

1. Choose Drink Type

For this example, we’ll use a latte to show you the process. Start your app, decide on the type of latte, whether iced or hot, and select it.

Choose Drink App

2. Enter Location

Then you get to choose some of the locations nearby from the drop menu. It doesn’t have to be your nearest Starbucks; you can order the drink wherever you want!

Enter Location (App)

3. Pick Your Drink Size

Next, you need to verify the drink size. Just like in the store, all drink sizes, short, tall, grande, and venti, are available on the app.

Pick Your Drink Size App

4. Select ‘Espresso & Shot Options’

From the espresso roast options, select the type of decaf you want. You can choose fully decaf or mix it with regular roast.

Decaf Options on Starbucks App

-Or- Select ‘Customizations’

If you go to the customization menu, you’ll notice more options to alter your coffee, including different espresso options. If you skipped the previous step, you could also switch to decaf espresso here.

Customizations on Starbucks App

5. Place Order

Once you’ve swapped your espresso, place the order and get moving. The app provides you with an estimate of when the order will be ready for pick up.

Order Drink (App)

Decaf Options On The App

Pour in Frothed Milk


Decaf is regular coffee that has most of its caffeine removed, but there are still trace amounts. The Starbucks decaf espresso has 3 mg to 15 mg of caffeine per shot

The total amount of caffeine in the drink depends on the number of espresso shots included.

  • Caffeine per shot: 3 to 15 mg

½ Decaf

Unlike full decaf, half-decaf is partially decaffeinated roast.

A regular shot has between 39 mg to 45 mg. For comparison, a shot of regular roast has 60 mg of caffeine.

  • Caffeine per shot: 39 to 45 mg

⅓ and ⅔ Decaf

The ⅓ and ⅔ decaf coffee has also gone through the process of decaffeination.

There is between 51 mg to 55 mg of caffeine in a shot of  ⅓ decaf and between 27 mg to 35 mg in ⅔ decaf.

  • Caffeine (1/3 Decaf): 51 to 55 mg
  • Caffeine (2/3 Decaf): 27 to 35 mg

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Final Words

How to order decaf on starbucks app

The Starbucks app has made it exceptionally easy to save time on ordering and picking up. Customization is not on pair to real-life orders, but you get to pick your espresso shots.

Learning how to order decaf on Starbucks app is easy; pick your drink and swap the roast in the espresso menu.

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More Questions

How to order a decaf frappuccino on Starbucks App?

You can’t order decaf frappuccino. All coffee frappuccinos are made with a pre-mix called frap roast.

Unlike the name suggests, this is not brewed coffee but a type of instant coffee. The only decaf version is creme frappuccinos, but consult your barista for suggestions before ordering.

Does the Starbucks app have decaf?

Yes! To order decaf using the Starbucks app, simply customize the ‘Shot Options’ from your drink order. Detailed instructions is provided above.

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