Double Blended Starbucks Drinks (This Hack Worth It?)

Some special requests can elevate the drink, making it taste like something you’ve never had before. That’s precisely what it means to order double blended Starbucks drinks.

And we’re not talking about adding extra flavors or toppings.

So if you’re curious and want to know more about this ‘secret hack’, read on to find out more.

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What Does Double Blended Mean at Starbucks?

Typically, frozen drinks like frappuccinos are blended once using Starbucks’ in-store mixers. Different drinks use different blending modes, so they’re mixed for a longer or shorter time.

Depending on the drink you choose, you can ask for it to be blended 2 times, making it double blended. This makes some drinks smoother and easier to drink through a straw!

Double Blending Etiquette

Pulse Strawberry Lemonade

Asking for the drink to get double blended means it will take twice the time to prepare it.

So if you’re visiting Starbucks at rush hour, it’s not the best idea to ask for this service.

Usually, Starbucks only has 2 blenders in the store, so holding up one of them for a while will create a wait for others. Be courteous and only ask for double blended when they’re not busy.


Only ask to get your Starbucks drink double blended when the store is not busy

Starbucks Drinks You Should Get Double Blended

So you’re excited to try some double blended drinks but don’t know which to get? We have a list of the drinks that are worth getting double blended.

Java Chip Frappuccino

Java Chip Frapp
Java Chip Frapp

The Java Chip frappuccino is made with chocolate chips that give it a nice texture. However, they’re heavier and often fall to the bottom.

Pro Tip:

Double blending the Java Chip breaks the chips into smaller pieces and changes the drink’s texture.

It makes it easier to drink through a straw, and you get a chip with each sip.

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Strawberry Acai Base Drink
Strawberry Acai with Sweet Cream

Double blending Refreshers turns them into a frozen beverage.

The best Refresher to get double blended are those with a coconut milk base. Others might separate fast, creating an unsightly drink.

Pro Tip:

If you want to double blend another Refresher, ask them to make it with a cream base that contains xanthan gum. This way, the drink won’t separate.

Creme Frappuccinos

Strawberry Creme
Strawberry Creme

Double blending creme frappucinos results in a milkshake-like texture.

If you are wondering if the drink will separate, the answer is no! Double blending these drinks doesn’t lead to separation as they already have the cream base.

Pro Tip:

Ask the barista to add less ice if you want a creamier texture. More ice makes the drink lighter.

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Iced Coffee or Tea

Coffee Frappuccino
Blended Iced Coffee

Double blending iced tea or coffee transforms them into a delicious frozen beverage.

You can also consider it a ‘hack’ to make a cheaper version of a frappuccino. 

Pro Tip:

However, regular drinks that get double blended separate fast, unlike fraps. They don’t have the ingredients to keep them together, so drink them fast.

Tips To Make Double Blended Drinks Extra Smooth

If you don’t want to bother the barista with double blending, there are other ways to make your drinks smoother.

First, ask them to use less ice than the regular amount. Then you can also add a scoop of protein powder or whipped cream.

Ice in Glass

Final Words

Double Blended Starbucks Drinks

The double blended Starbucks drinks are nothing new, but not many people know this extra service. If you like frappucinos but want to save some money, you can blend an iced latte. 

Or, if you hate getting toppings stuck in your straw or like your frapp smooth, ask for a double blended frappuccino.

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