What Is A Breve Dutch Bros? Answers & Recipe

Discovering a new coffee chain comes with the burden of learning its lingo. Feeling lost at coffee terminology and wondering what is a breve at Dutch Bros?

I’m here to help. As avid coffee lovers, let’s dive head first into the breve. I’ll even teach you how to make it yourself!

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What Is Breve Dutch Bros ?

Breve at Dutch Bros is a term that describes a latte made with half and half instead of milk.

It can be served hot, iced, or even frozen! The breve can be a drink on its own (like a latte) or used as a base for other drinks

Not to be confused with the Italian word ‘breve’, which means short or small, it doesn’t signify coffee size at Dutch.

Home Made Dutch Bros Breve
Homemade Breve

The breve is a richer, more decadent version of the classic latte.

While the latte is made with whole or skim milk and is much lighter, the breve is richer due to the steamed half and half. It’s also much heavier due to the fat content and has much more foam.

To me, the breve tastes mildly sweet, so even those with a sweet tooth may consume it without flavorings. (1)

What Does The Breve Taste & Look Like?

Breve Latte
Must have a thick froth


Thanks to its thick froth, the breve looks like a cappuccino. The foam on top is stable, just like the one made from milk only. 

Any drizzle on top holds up well, probably because the drink itself contains a similar amount of protein as milk. 


When it comes to flavor, the breve is much heavier than a regular latte. As a result, it’s creamier, more decadent, and velvety. 

However, the milk and half and half mellow out the espresso flavor, so the breve doesn’t have a strong coffee flavor.

How to Make Dutch Bros Breve

Love the breve at your local Dutch? I’ll save you the ride and teach you how to make it at home. All the ingredients are probably in your pantry!

Step 1: Pull Double Shot of Espresso

Blonde Espresso Crema

Everything starts with a good shot of espresso. For our Dutch Bros Breve, it’s no different. You’ll need to pull two shots of espresso.

For the true Dutch Bros flavor, I recommend using their Private Reserve Blend. Otherwise, a strong, preferably dark roast works too.

Step 2: Add Flavored Syrup

Syrup In Espresso

If you’ve chosen a particular flavor to customize your Breve, now is the perfect moment to embrace it.

Pour your desired amount of flavored syrup into the freshly brewed, hot espresso and give it a quick stir.

This way, the heat of the espresso will help dissolve the syrup, effectively combining the flavors.

Step 3: Prep The Half & Half

Submerge Steam Wand

The heart of a Breve lies in its creaminess. To achieve this, I use half and half instead of regular milk.

Pour your half and half into a pitcher, and reach for that steam wand. Apply the wand to the milk, and let it work its magic until it transforms the half and half into a rich, frothy delight.

Make sure not to let the milk go above 160°F – we want it warm and frothy, not scalding and scorched.

Step 4: Assemble Your Breve

Steamed Milk Into Breve

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – assembly time!

Take your favorite mug and pour the two shots of espresso into it. Then, with a gentle hand, slowly introduce the steamed half and half to the espresso.

Aim to leave about an inch of space from the top – this is where our frothy goodness will reside.

Step 5: Toppings & Extras

Dutch Bros Breve Copycat

Use a spoon to scoop up some of the luscious foam that formed during the steaming process, and gently lay it on top of your Breve.

Feel free to sprinkle a little something extra. Whether it’s a dusting of cocoa, a dash of cinnamon, or a sweet drizzle of caramel.

Sip, relax, and revel in the knowledge that you have just crafted a delicious Dutch Bros Breve. Enjoy!


What Is A Breve Dutch Bros

If you wondered what is a breve at Dutch Bros, I have the answer. For the latte fans, it’s an upgraded, richer version of your favorite drink.

What is it to espresso lovers? A slightly less intense drink than a latte and a winter comfort.

If you’re like me and love your caffeine spike, it packs at least two espresso shots, so you’ll get the desired results!

Tl;dr: Dutch Bros Breve Recipe

Dutch Bros Breve Recipe

10-Minute Dutch Bros Breve Recipe

Yield: Servings: 1 serving (~12 oz)
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

This one is a classic; the Dutch Bros breve recipe. If you're feeling adventurous, add a syrup or two of your choice.


  • Espresso (dark roast): 2 shots
  • Half and Half: ½ cup
  • Optional: Flavored syrup


  1. Start by pulling 2 shots of strong espresso. Blonde Espresso Crema
  2. If you've decided on a flavor, a syrup of some kind, now it's the time to add it to the hot espresso and stir it to combine.Syrup In Espresso
  3. Pour the half and half into a pitcher and use a steam wand to froth it**. Don't let the milk exceed 160°F.Submerge Steam Wand
  4. In a mug, pour the 2 shots of espresso and slowly add the steamed half and half. Leave out one inch from the top.Steamed Milk Into Breve
  5. Take a spoon and scoop some of the foam to top the drink. Optionally you can add a drizzle or spice on top. Enjoy!Dutch Bros Breve Copycat


* We suggest using a strong dark roast and an espresso machine to pull the shots, especially if you're an espresso fan, as the milk will dilute the flavor.

** Submerge the wand right below the surface and move it up and down and in circles to create the perfect foam.*

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More Questions

How many calories is in a Dutch Bros Breve?

A small breve at Dutch Bros, including add-ons, comes at around 360 calories. Syrups and sauces are also used in many of their breves for flavoring. Some breves are available hot, iced, or frozen. 

The frozen breves have the highest calories, followed by the hot ones. The iced breve has the least amount of calories.

Does Breve have caffeine?

Yes, the breves are made using espresso, so they contain a substantial amount of caffeine. They’re typically made with 2 shots. 

A single shot of espresso comes with 45 mg of caffeine, so the average breve has 90 mg of caffeine. 

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