Dutch Bros Sticker Day: 6 Tips To Win The Day

Dutch Bros Sticker Day is not just another day on the calendar; it’s a full-blown festivity that comes around every month.

This special day is a sticker collector’s dream come true. From digital app stickers to those physical treasures you get with your coffee, I’m here to share a few of my tips that will have you winning your sticker game.

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What’s The Point Of Dutch Bros Stickers?

If you’re thinking these stickers are just for show, think again.

Not only are they cool looking, they’ve actually become sought-after collectibles like little treasures for some folks.

I’ve met people who’ve been hoarding these stickers for years! It’s a cool way to show off your love for Dutch Bros and get a little extra with your daily brew.

Dutch Bros sticker set

My Tips to Make the Most of Dutch Bros Sticker Day

You’re in the know about when Dutch Bros Sticker Day happens and what these stickers are all about.

Now, let’s transition from theory to practice. I’ve got some tried-and-true tips that will help you not only get your hands on these stickers but also make the most of this fun-filled day.

Dutch Bros Sticker April 2023
One of my favorite stickers. Loving the 90’s rad cat!

1. Go Early!

If you’re wondering whether the lines at Dutch Bros grow longer than usual on Sticker Day, let me clear that up for you: they absolutely do.

Seasoned sticker collectors don’t mess around; they’ve got the first Wednesday of each month circled in red on their calendars.

To ensure you’re not left sticker-less, my advice is to set that alarm clock and get to Dutch Bros bright and early. It’s a small sacrifice for sticker glory!

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2. Ask For It

You might think it’s a given that you’ll get a sticker with your order, but let’s not leave anything to chance.

Even the most attentive bro-ista can have a momentary lapse, especially during the Sticker Day rush. It’s nobody’s fault, really; they’re human, just like us.

I’ve heard too many tales of folks who walked away empty-handed simply because they assumed the sticker would be included.

Make it a point to ask for your sticker. A simple “Can I have a sticker, please?” can make all the difference.

3. Buy More Than 1 Drink

Here’s a quick tip: you usually get one sticker per drink purchase. Want more stickers?

Well, the math is simple: more drinks equal more stickers. If you’re looking for an excuse to buy multiple drinks, consider doing a Dutch Bros run for your office, friends, or family.

You’ll be the hero of the day and score multiple stickers in one go!

4. Check Their App & Socials

Dutch Bros App Phone
Dutch Bros App

Dutch Bros is pretty savvy when it comes to keeping their fans in the loop.

Their app and social media channels, particularly Instagram and Facebook, are gold mines for sticker-related updates and deals.

You’ll get notifications about special stickers and can even preview the sticker of the month to decide if it’s worth the trip.

5. Ask For Extras

This one’s a bit of a long shot, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Especially if you’re at a newer or less busy Dutch Bros location, they might just have some extra stickers lying around.

Pro tip: if you end up with more stickers than you know what to do with, consider trading with other collectors to fill in gaps in your collection.

6. Look Out For Special Days

Every so often, Dutch Bros releases limited-edition stickers to coincide with special days.

For instance, they’ve had unique stickers for National Cold-Brew Day, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

Keep an eye out for these special releases; they’re like the collector’s edition of the sticker world.

Other Ways To Get Your Hands On Dutch Stickers

If the thought of waiting in line on Dutch Bros Sticker Day doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry; there are other avenues to explore. You can still get your sticker fix without the wait, and I’ve got the inside scoop on how to do just that.

Sticker Set Sold On Ebay
Sticker set sold on eBay

Sticker Exchanges

The power of social media! Facebook groups like “Dutch Bro Sticker Trading/Buying/Selling” and “Dutch Bros Buy, Sell, Trade” are buzzing with folks who share your passion.

It’s a virtual swap meet where everyone’s showing off their extra stickers and looking to trade.

And let me tell you, some people are just so generous, they’ll give you extras if they have them.

Buy Them Online

If you’re the type who loves online shopping (guilty as charged!), platforms like Amazon, Mercari, and eBay(1) are your go-to spots.

But a word to the wise: these stickers can sometimes cost a pretty penny because, well, they’re collectibles.

Just double-check the seller’s ratings and maybe read a review or two to avoid any hiccups.

App Stickers

Don’t sleep on the Dutch Bros app, seriously. It’s not just for ordering your favorite drinks or claiming your birthday drink; it’s also a treasure trove of digital stickers.

You’ll earn them by doing things you already do, like buying that irresistible cold brew.

Keep your eyes peeled on the app for ways to unlock these virtual collectibles.

Once you’ve racked up a good amount, they’ll show up in your app’s Sticker Book, ready to be admired.

When Exactly Is Sticker Day At Dutch Bros?

Alright, grab a pen and circle the date! Dutch Bros has made it official: Sticker Day is the first Wednesday of each month.

It’s a midweek celebration that’s too good to pass up!

Whether you’ve got a drawer full of old stickers or you’re new to the scene, this is your moment to add some flair to your collection.

November Sticker
November sticker courtesy of Christina Gable

Putting It All Together

Dutch Bros Sticker Day

With my insider tips, you’re more than ready to conquer Dutch Bros Sticker Day.

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a sticker-collecting veteran, I’ve got a feeling this is going to be your best sticker haul yet. Can’t wait to hear all about your Dutch Bros Sticker Day adventures

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