Dutch Bros Keto Drinks + Extra Hacks

If you’ve been a keto worshiper for a while, you know the shortcut to a genuine keto coffee drink – just make it at home. What about days when you’re down to get a cup from your favorite drive-thru? I’ll help you pick out the best Dutch Bros keto drinks.

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Does Dutch Bros Have Keto Drinks?

When thinking of Dutch Bros, the first thing that comes to mind is their sweet and high-energy drinks. It even feels surreal to find something remotely keto among their outrageous drinks.

Luckily, they cater to both ends of the carb spectrum. In fact, they’ve introduced a lot of Keto beverages to their menu recently!

Cold Brew With Heavy Cream
Keto can be delicious! Cold brew with heavy cream (pictured).

What Are The Best Dutch Bros Keto Drinks?

The Dutch Bros keto drinks aren’t limited to plain black coffee. You enjoy so many varieties, even blended beverages with add-ons like sugar-free syrups.

Here are some of my favorite Keto drinks at Dutch Bros to please your taste buds without wrecking your diet.

1. Americano


How The Americano Is Keto-Friendly:

The Americano is a staple keto drink. Made with espresso and hot water, served hot or iced, it totals to zero carbs.


To give it some creaminess and taste, you’re free to add heavy cream or half and half.

Optionally you can add some of Dutch Bros’ sugar-free syrups for flavor.

How To Order:

“Hey, can I grab an Iced Americano with a splash of cream?”

2. Cold Brew

Cold Brew

How Cold Brew Is Keto-Friendly:

Cold brew is made from coffee grounds and water, so it doesn’t have any carbs on its own.

Just like with the Americano, you can add sugar-free flavors. One of my favorites is the sugar-free White Mocha.


Add some heavy cream to up the fat content. You’ll find this Keto Cold Brew is actually on the menu!

How To Order:

“Hi, I’ll have a Cold Brew with sugar-free white mocha.”

3. Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew

How Nitro Cold Brew Is Keto-Friendly:

The original Nitro Cold Brew is a keto-friendly drink. The other kinds, however, have some flavorings that are not keto.

Ask your barista to switch the flavors for the sugar-free variety.


By switching out the original flavors for the sugar-free version, your nitro cold brew will contain less than 10 grams of carbs.

How To Order:

“Can I get a Nitro Cold Brew with sugar-free vanilla syrup & cream?”

4. Blue Rebel

Blue Rebel

How The Rebel Is Keto-Friendly:

Blue Rebel is an energy drink available only at Dutch Bros locations. When it comes to taste, I’d say it’s a close call to Red Bull.

The Blue Rebel comes in a sugar-free version. There’s even a sugar-free peach-flavored Rebel.

The sugar-free versions are keto-friendly but pack a good amount of caffeine(1).


You can add sugar-free syrups to your sugar-free Rebel. The popular Pink Flamingo and Laser Cat are just a few Rebels that can be made without sugar!

How To Order:

“Could you recommend a sugar-free Rebel flavor?”

5. Peach Rebel

Peach Rebel

How The Peach Rebel Is Keto-Friendly:

Good news! There’s even a sugar-free peach-flavored Rebel.

The Peach Rebel from Dutch Bros Coffee is a keto win because it’s a sugar-free energy drink – no carbs to worry about, no sugar crash, just a delicious beverage that won’t knock you out of ketosis.


For a keto-friendly spin on the Peach Rebel, try adding some keto-extra sugar-free syrups like coconut or strawberry to the mix!

How To Order:

“Could I have a sugar-free Peach Rebel?”

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6. Breve

Breve Latte

How The Breve Is Keto-Friendly:

The breve at Dutch Bros is the perfect keto beverage.

Knowing how important fat is to the keto diet, you’ll be delighted to know the breve is made with espresso and Kick Me Mix. What’s the Kick Me Mix you ask? It’s half and half.


You can add some punch to your Breve with some of their sugar-free syrups. Hazelnut and vanilla are popular additions.

How To Order:

“Can I get an Iced Hazelnut Breve, sugar-free, please?”

RECIPE: Dutch Bros Breve Recipe

7. Carburetor-style Drinks

Carburetor Style Drinks

How It’s Keto-Friendly:

A Carburetor-style drink at Dutch Bros is a blended frozen drink made by replacing some of the ingredients. For example, ditching their pre-made Freeze mix.

The Freeze mix contains dairy and sugar, so it doesn’t bode well with your keto diet.


Want to amp up the flavor? Ask your bro-ista for sugar-free flavors with your carburetor-style drink.

How To Order:

“Can I get a carburetor-style Almond Milk Mocha Freeze? “

8. Paris Tea

DB Paris Tea

How It’s Keto-Friendly:

Dutch Bros Paris teas are low-calorie and keto-friendly when having them on their own.

However, if you have a sweet tooth, you can add Truvia or Splenda for some sweetness, and the carb count will remain low.


Beware, the Dutch Bros Chai is not keto-friendly. It contains a premix that combines milk and sugar.

How To Order:

“Can I get a Paris Tea unsweetened, with Splenda on the side?”

9. Green Tea

Iced Tea

How It’s Keto-Friendly:

If you love green tea and you’re all about low-carb living, you’ll be happy to know that Dutch Bros’ green tea checks the keto box.

It’s naturally low-carb as long as you keep it unsweetened. For a little something extra, try out a sugar-free Iced Strawberry Green Tea.


Just make sure to tell the bro-ista if you want it unsweetened or with keto-friendly sweeteners to keep it keto-friendly.

How To Order:

“Could I have a sugar-free Iced Strawberry Green Tea?”

10. Dutch Classics


How It’s Keto-Friendly:

All Dutch Bros classics can be made sugar-free with their sugar-free syrups. For example, a sugar-free Caramelizer is made with sugar-free chocolate sauce and caramel.


The classics still contain carbs, most of them coming from milk. A single sugar-free classic drink can have around 10 g of carbs. 

How To Order:

“I’d love an Iced Caramelizer, but make it sugar-free please!”

Dutch Bros Ingredient Staples

Want to make your own Dutch Bros coffee at home? We got you. Here are the ingredients you probably need.

What Are Non-Keto Drinks To Avoid?

We can’t fail to remember that the Dutch Bros keto drinks are a recent addition. They’re best known for their unique sugary flavors and blended beverages full of add-ons.

Here’s what to avoid when you’re looking for keto drinks at Dutch Bros.

Ice Cream Into Mix
Ice cream as the main flavor base

1. Dutch Frosts

The Dutch Frosts are basically an ice cream shake with an average of 120 calories.

As you might guess, most of the calories come from sugar and milk. As a result, they have a high carb content, surpassing your daily limit.

A Dutch Freeze is a better option if you’re craving a keto-friendly blended drink.

2. Sodas & Rebels

Some Dutch Bros Rebels and sodas can be made sugar-free. They carry sugar-free fruit flavors like coconut, raspberry, and strawberry.  In fact, the Blue and Peach Rebel is already sugar-free.

However, that’s not the case with the more complex flavors, as not all syrups have a sugar-free alternative.

One of them is the pomegranate syrup featured in the popular Shark Attack, OG Gummy Bear, and Palm Beach.

3. Smoothies

Most fruits don’t have a place in the keto diet, so fruit smoothies are bypassed by default.

The Dutch Bros smoothies are made by blending Torani(2) real fruit smoothie concentrate mix with ice.

This pre-mix contains a high amount of carbs and added sugar.

4. Cocoa

Dutch Bros cocoa is a rich, creamy drink made with chocolate milk. It’s impossible to craft a low-carb version and stay true to the original flavor.

Some flavors come with chocolate sauce topping adding to the already sky-high carb content.

Tips To Keep Your Drinks Keto-Friendly

If you’re a keto veteran, you know all the shortcuts to making almost any drink keto-friendly. Newbies might have it harder.

If you’re one of them, you’ll benefit from our quick guide to ordering a keto-friendly (but still yummy!) drink at Dutch Bros.

Creamer Contents

Skip milk and ask for these alternatives instead

Milk is not keto since it contains lactose – a milk sugar. Instead, go for half and half, which has a higher amount of fat and very low carbs.

Dutch Bros also carry almond and coconut milk which have a lower carb count.

Avoid oat milk since it’s naturally high in carbs.

Opt for sugar-free flavors

Keto drink doesn’t have to be a plain boring drink. Use the vast choice of sugar-free flavors at Dutch Bros to make your drink fun.

Or have a classic by switching the original syrups for sugar-free. Dutch Bros has over 10 different flavors: chocolate, caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, coconut, Irish cream, and even peppermint!

Is Dutch Bros sugar-free syrup keto?

Yes, most sugar-free syrups are keto and contain little to no calories. The only exception is the Irish Cream sugar-free syrup, with 1 gram of carbs per 2 tablespoons.

When in doubt, talk to your ‘Bro-ista’

The baristas at Dutch Bros are called bro-istas and always offer a helping hand when you have doubts. They’ve probably had other keto customers, so they can even recommend a combo you’ve never thought of.

Ask what items of their menu they can customize to fit with your keto diet.


Dutch Bros Keto Drinks

It might come as a surprise how many keto options you have at Dutch Bros- a chain known for its sugary goodness. They added the Dutch Bros keto drinks to the menu just recently. But you can still go the conventional way and have a plain black coffee like cold brew, Americano, or nitro.

Always check with the bro-ista when you’re not sure if a drink is keto. The menu changes often, and it’s best to do your own research before visiting.

TLDR; Dutch Bros Keto-Friendly Drinks

Other than the classic black coffee, Americano, Cold Brew, and Nitro Cold Brew, there are other flavored keto drinks at Dutch Bros. The Blue Rebel and Peach Rebel energy drinks, plain tea, and breve. If you want a keto blended drink, ask for a Carburetor, and they’ll drop the milk and sugar pre-mix.

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