Author: Char Holland

I’m Char Holland, the founder and heart behind Hey Joe Coffee.

My coffee story started over a decade ago, and what a crazy journey it's been! Along with my partner, we began this website out of a deep love for coffee and a desire to share that joy with people like you.

Char Holland Hey Joe Coffee


It was about 10 years ago that I really started getting serious with coffee crafting and upgrading to better equipment for a more refined brewing experience.

During the pandemic, I took a new leap, starting to roast my own coffee and cacao, which added a fresh layer of depth to my coffee hobby!

I’m also a member of the Specialty Coffee Association and the Barista Guild, where I continuously expand my coffee knowledge and skills.

Why Hey Joe Coffee?

Creating this space was all about bringing together coffee lovers. It's a place where we can chat about our favorite brews, discover new coffee wonders, and even whip up a few copycat recipes at home.

I just love seeing our coffee-loving family grow and share their own stories. If you have any of your own stories to share, feel free to pitch it here.

Coffee Setup

My home brewing setup reflects my love for variety in coffee. I rely on my Gaggia Classic Pro and an Aeropress Go for my daily brews. But sometimes, I love to go old-school with a French press.

When if feel up to it, I switch things up with my Vietnamese phin or Wacaco Minipresso, perfect for that outdoor coffee experience.

Dreaming big, my ultimate coffee toy would be the Flair 58 manual - it's on my wish list!

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