10 Best Dutch Bros Chai Drinks (+ Secret Menu Chais!)

We know there are few drinks more satisfying when you need a sweet treat than those from the Dutch Bros Chai range

With the option to have them hot or iced, they’re the perfect drink for any time of day! 

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  1. Are Their Chais Good?
  2. Most Popular Dutch Bros Chai Drinks
  3. Secret Menu Chais
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  5. What Chai Do They Use?

Is Their Chai Even Good?

Their range of Chais is one of their most popular drink categories and they even use them as featured drinks for their brand.

I think Dutch’s Chai-flavored drinks are really good but each one comes with a slightly different taste profile.

You’ll just have to try each flavor out to determine which one you like best!

What Makes Their Chai SO Special?

Their chais are chai tea Breves which is a tea latte that’s made with half and half as a substitute for milk. 

It’s much richer and creamier than other milk options and is what gives Dutch Bros drinks the velvety texture we love so much

Pour Shaker Contents

Chai drinks are super popular with their customers.

I’ve compiled a list of their best ones as well as a few secret menu items so you can get an idea of what you’re in for when you order and customize your drink!

1. Christmas Morning

Dutch Bros Christmas Morning Chai
Photo by Dutch Bros Coffee

This drink literally tastes like Christmas! 

If you’re someone who loves the festive season and can’t wait until the end of November to get your hands on one of these, you’ll have to try to make this Christmas-inspired drink at home

Flavor Profile:

  • Rich and creamy 
  • Chai flavors come through the rich, creamy texture
  • Chai spices make it taste like Christmas!

How To Order:

“Hi, can I get a Christmas Morning Chai with whipped cream!”

How It’s Made:

  • Chai
  • Milk
  • White chocolate and caramel sauce
  • Cinnamon syrup
  • Recommended Add-on: Whipped cream

RECIPE: You Can’t Go Wrong With This Christmas Morning Recipe

2. Horchata Chai

Dutch Bros Horchata Chai
Photo by mydrinkday

The Horchata Chai is the perfect combo of something delicious and milky with just the right amount of spice to break through the sweetness. 

If you want to make it extra special, I recommend adding an extra shot of coffee for a real flavor whirlwind

Flavor Profile:

  • Strong flavors of chai and cinnamon
  • Spice complemented by hints of coffee with white chocolate undertones
  • Thick creamy texture in the mouth

How To Order:

“Hi, I’d like a Horchata Chai with an espresso shot.”

How It’s Made:

  • Oregon Chai
  • 2% Milk
  • White chocolate and caramel sauce
  • Cinnamon syrup
  • Recommended Add-on: Espresso shot

3. Golden Eagle Chai

Golden Eagle Chai
Photo by Regina Hammons

The Golden Eagle is one of Dutch’s featured chai drinks and is also one of the most popular with their customers. 

Who wouldn’t love a delicious amalgamation of vanilla, caramel, and sweet chai tea flavors?

Flavor Profile:

  • Caramel flavors from the caramel sauce
  • Hint of vanilla 
  • Chai spices round off the taste nicely

How To Order:

“Hey, can I get a Golden Eagle Chai with extra caramel drizzle, please?”

How It’s Made:

  • Chai tea
  • Milk
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Caramel sauce

4. Sweater Weather Chai

Dutch Bros Sweater Weather Chai
Photo by dutchbroswestvalley

Don’t be fooled by the color of their white coffee, their Sweater Weather Chai actually has more caffeine in it than their traditional blends

This defo gave me the spring in step I needed to kickstart your day.

Flavor Profile:

  • Low-acidity coffee with nutty undertones
  • White chocolate, cinnamon, and chai

How To Order:

“Hey, I’d like a Sweater Weather Chai with soft top, please!”

How It’s Made:

  • Chai
  • Milk
  • White chocolate sauce
  • White coffee shots
  • Soft top
  • Nutmeg & cinnamon sprinkles

5. Caramel Pumpkin Brulee Chai

Dutch Bros Caramel Pumpkin Brulee Chai
Photo by Dutch Bros Coffee

I’m obsessed with the Caramel Pumpkin Brulee Chai. It has all the flavors of the fall that make us feel super cozy inside

The caramel and pumpkin tastes are the perfect flavors to put a bright smile on your face – even if you’re drinking this treat in cold weather. 

Flavor Profile:

  • Sweet pumpkin and caramel 
  • Strong cinnamon and chai
  • Rich creamy textures with subtle coffee follow through

How To Order:

“Hi, can I get a Caramel Pumpkin Brulee with pumpkin soft top?”

How It’s Made:

  • Chai
  • Milk
  • Espresso
  • Pumpkin & salted caramel sauce
  • Pumpkin drizzle
  • Recommended Add-on: Pumpkin soft top

6. White Zombie

Dutch Bros White Zombie Chai
Photo by chowdown.withus

This drink is the ultimate dessert drink with all my favorite sweet flavors combined. 

The White Zombie is an elegant balance of white chocolate and vanilla flavors and is ideal for the sugar rush we all sometimes need. 

Consider sprinkling in some cinnamon and nutmeg to take the chai flavor to the next level!

Flavor Profile:

  • Rich white chocolate and vanilla
  • Coffee undertones with a milky finish
  • Rich velvety texture with whipped cream option

How To Order:

“Just an Iced White Zombie Chai, please.”

How It’s Made:

  • Chai
  • Milk
  • White chocolate sauce
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Recommended Add-on: Nutmeg & cinnamon sprinkles

7. White Chocolate Chai

Dutch Bros White Chocolate Chai

Not to be confused with the White Zombie, White Chocolate Chai is a simple but delectable combo of chai tea, melted into white chocolate and steamed milk.

Ask the bro-ista to add a generous drizzle of caramel for a slight twist to this drink.

Flavor Profile:

  • Sweet white chocolate flavors with hints of vanilla
  • Rich and creamy texture when you take a sip

How To Order:

“Hi, can I get an Iced White Chocolate Chai with soft top?”

How It’s Made:

  • Chai
  • Steamed Milk
  • White chocolate sauce
  • Recommended Add-on: Soft top

Secret Menu Chais

If you thought you knew chai, prepare to be amazed by Dutch Bros’ little-known secret menu chais.

8. Dirty Chai

A dirty chai is one of the easiest chai drinks to make but it’s not directly available as a menu item.

It’s simply a combination of chai concentrate, coffee, and any kind of milk you want. 

Hey Joe’s Pro Tip:

I recommend simply leaving out the whipped cream and adding a shot (or two) of espresso straight over the top

Flavor Profile:

  • Coffee-led with undertones of chai spices
  • Flavors from your milk of choice

How To Order:

“Hey, can I have a Dirty Chai, hold the whip please?”

How It’s Made:

  • Any DB chai drink
  • Espresso (shots)

9. Peach Cobbler Chai

Peach Cobbler Chai
Photo by Olivia Hamilton

The Peach Cobbler Chai is a fantastic secret menu drink concocted by a creative fan.

The yummy peachy flavor that comes through is the perfect balancing taste that offsets the strong chai spices in the drink. 

This is a great option if you want to try something different. 

Flavor Profile:

  • Sweet canned peaches and cream
  • Chai complements peaches for a spicy twist
  • Nutty undertone from macadamia nut

How To Order:

“One Peach Cobbler Chai with soft top & caramel drizz, please.”

How It’s Made:

  • Chai
  • Milk
  • Peach & chocolate macadamia nut syrup
  • White chocolate sauce
  • Soft top
  • Caramel drizzle

10. Strawberry Horchata Chai

Dutch Bros Strawberry Horchata Chai
Photo by okcfoodiefinds

The Strawberry Horchata Chai is definitely something different – but who doesn’t love something different every now and then? 

For fruit, spice, and all things nice fans, I suggest getting the iced version of this perfect summer drink

Flavor Profile:

  • Prominent strawberry and fruity taste
  • Chai spice comes through the fruitiness to round it off

How To Order:

“Can I get an Iced Strawberry Horchata Chai with soft top?”

How It’s Made:

  • Chai
  • Milk
  • Caramel & white chocolate sauce
  • Cinnamon & strawberry syrup
  • Soft top

Make It Your Way

If Dutch Bros has taught us one thing, it’s that there are so many ways to combine flavors! It’s so easy to give chai drinks your own flair!

Mix Cold Foam Ingredients

1. Toppings

If you’re a fan of iced chai drinks, you absolutely have to top it off with a soft top.

You can buy the same soft top Dutch Bros uses online which is Rich’s On Top®. 

A chai latte, iced or hot, would not be the same without a little bit more added spice.

I like to add some sprinkles or extra cinnamon and nutmeg to really bring out that delicious chai-ness. 

2. Milk Options

Half and half is richer and creamier because – let’s be real – it has a higher fat content than full cream or 2% milk.

If you’re a fan of richer, creamer chai drinks, you should try out Dutch Bros’ kick-me-mix

Looking to treat yourself but want to watch that calorie count? Swap the full-cream stuff for almond milk or non-fat milk. Oat milk(1) is also great for a tasty vegan option.

3. Make It Dirty

Coffee and chai are two flavor combinations that we know work well together. If you want to make any chai drink dirty, simply ask the bro-ista to add a shot of espresso. 

Domino shots are also a Dutch Bros specialty! Basically, it’s just a shot of white coffee and one shot of regular espresso – some days you just need caffeine, chai, and more caffeine.

4. Add More Flavors

Really want to add your own spin to your chai beverage? Try playing around with different taste profiles. 

For example, white mocha sauce or hazelnut syrups are my favorite flavors pair with my chai-flavored drinks.

I also like to add extra depth to my Dutch Bros drinks by adding hints of chocolate and caramel. 

5. Make It Blended

Yes, any Dutch Bros chai drink can be made blended.

It completely changes the texture and to a certain degree, it is flavor too. Be sure to drink it fast so it doesn’t get watered down.

Just ask your friendly bro-ista to make your drink frozen if you’re feeling like something a little different.

What Chai Does Dutch Bros Use?

Chai Tea

Dutch Bros uses a chai concentrate from Oregon Chai

Each sachet of Oregon chai pre-mix combines black tea, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger.

If you’re thinking of making your own Chai drinks, I recommend starting with this premix.


Does It Have Sugar?

The Oregon chai blend comes with added sugar.

Most Dutch Bros sauces and syrups also contain sugar so if you have a preference, ask the bro-ista if they carry a sugar-free replacement.


Dutch Bros Chai

I love the Dutch Bros Chai menu and all the different flavor combos they use. 

But, whoever said there’s anything wrong with wanting to add your own, personal touch to their already-epic drinks? 

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