Dutch Bros Christmas Drinks: All-Star Lineup (2022)

Has someone told you it’s too early to think about the Dutch Bros Christmas drinks? You don’t need that negativity in your life. 

Join us in exploring and rating the Christmas drinks to find your new go-to order this holiday season.

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What Are 2022 Dutch Bros Christmas Drinks?

Each year, Dutch Bros announces their Christmas lineup in early November. This means the official list is not out yet.

But, peppermint is rumored to be making a comeback as it has every year.

But there’s also talk about a seasonal Rebel with pomegranate, vanilla, soft top, and lime topping. How exciting!

We’ll update you with more info as soon as we find out.

Homemade Starbucks White Hot Chocolate

In 2021, we were spoiled with three Dutch Bros Christmas drinks. Peppermint Bliss Cold Brew was the ultimate refreshment on a sunny day when you get sweaty from running around to get presents.

The Hazelnut Truffle Mocha is a classic espresso-based drink with hazelnut and caramel flavors.

For those not fancying the coffee flavor, there was Glacier Peak Rebel – a blue raspberry and vanilla rebel with a creamy soft top.

Best Overall Dutch Bros Christmas Drinks

Already in the mood for the holidays? These Dutch Bros Christmas drinks will help you find your fuel during the holiday season. Psst… some of these are available year-long.

1. Christmas Morning

Copycat Christmas Morning
Homemade Christmas Morning

Behind the festive name, you’ll find the ultimate cozy drink with warming spices. Probably a go-to for chai lovers as I find it quite similar to chai tea.

A cup of Christmas morning brings together Oregon tea – that’s Dutch Bros’ version of chai tea, half and half, white chocolate sauce, and gets topped with whipped cream and caramel.

How It’s Made:

  • Base: Oregon Chai & Half and Half
  • Flavor: White Chocolate
  • Topping: Whipped Cream & Caramel Drizzle

2. Peppermint Bliss Cold Brew

Peppermint Bark

If Christmas doesn’t necessarily involve snow where you’re at, you’d want to reach for the Peppermint Bliss.

Nitro or regular cold brew meets white chocolate and peppermint syrup and gets topped with a marshmallow-like soft top. As a bonus, you’ll find some crunchy candy cane sprinkles.

How It’s Made:

  • Base: Cold brew
  • Flavor: Peppermint Syrup & White Chocolate
  • Topping: Soft Top (optional)

3. Glacier Peak Rebel

Glacier Peak

Rebel, Dutch Bros’ own energy drink, is also available in a holiday flavor. Blue Rebel gets mixed with blue raspberry and vanilla and topped with a soft top. 

It’s not the typical Christmas drink, but back when I had it, I loved the raw sugar on top as it gives the fizzy drink some crunchy texture.

How It’s Made:

  • Base: Rebel
  • Flavor: Blue Raspberry & Vanilla
  • Topping: Soft Top (optional)

4. Sugar Cookie Breve

Sugar Cookie

The Sugar Cookie breve is buttery, nutty, and creamy as if a cookie got blended into the cup. We like ours iced as we found the flavors pop up more in this version.

Here’s a tip: ask the broista to line the cup with chocolate sauce, it’s even better!

How It’s Made:

  • Base: Breve
  • Flavor: Almond Roca, Vanilla, & White Chocolate
  • Topping: Whipped Cream & Raw Sugar Sprinkles
  • Chocolate Drizzle (optional)

5. Caramel Eggnog

Eggnog Latte

Can it get more festive than a cup of eggnog? 

Caramel Eggnog is freshly brewed espresso topped with eggnog instead of cream or milk and taken to the next level with a buttery caramel drizzle. 

If you’re a fan of this Dutch Bros holiday drink, you’ll have to petition them to bring it back since it’s no longer available. (1)

How It’s Made:

  • Base: Espresso
  • Eggnog
  • Flavor: Caramel
  • Topping: Whipped Cream & Caramel Drizzle

6. Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark

A flavor I love describing as candy canes meet After Eight chocolates in a cozy, iced espresso and milk bath. It’s another cold holiday drink with hints of coffee, white and dark chocolate, and peppermint flavor.

On top, you can enjoy whipped cream with crushed candy canes and chocolate sauce.

How It’s Made:

  • Base: Dutch Freeze
  • Flavor: White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate & Peppermint
  • Topping: Whipped Cream, Chocolate Drizzle, & Candy Cane Sprinkles

7. Hazelnut Truffle Mocha

Hazelnut Truffle

If you want to stick to the classics, this drink is for you. Espresso and chocolate milk pair perfectly, as the hazelnut syrup pronounces that cozy flavor. 

But it doesn’t stop there; the Hazelnut Truffle Mocha is finished with a creamy soft top and a decadent caramel drizzle.

How It’s Made:

  • Base: Chocolate Milk & Espresso
  • Flavor: Hazelnut
  • Topping: Soft Top & Caramel Drizzle

8. SnowBerry Rebel


Meet the red drink, with a white top as a layer of fresh snow, and blue sprinkles to make it even more accurate. 

Besides representing the true holiday colors, the SnowBerry Rebel combines blackberry Rebel with a sweet marshmallowy top. A perfect pick-me-up when you’re not in the mood for coffee.

How It’s Made:

  • Base: Rebel
  • Flavor: Blackberry
  • Topping: Soft Top & Blue Sugar Sprinkles


Dutch Bros Christmas drinks are one of the most creative combinations if we dare to compare them to other popular chains.

We love the OG warm drinks choice, but the iced and blended options make this chain stand out!

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