Coffee And Lime: Try It Or ‘Nah’?

Every once in a while, some strange coffee combinations come up across our social media. We might first roll our eyes at it, but the curiosity is strong with us! The coffee and lime cross is something we would’ve never imagined to try.

But in the name of all coffee lovers, we did, and here’s the recap.

Topics Explored

  1. What Is Coffee And Lime?
  2. Why Is It Suddenly So Popular?
  3. Types of Citrus Coffees
  4. What Does Lime Coffee Taste Like?
  5. When You Shouldn’t Mix The Two
  6. Myth: Coffee And Lime For Weight Loss?

What Is Coffee And Lime?

There are a few takes on this strange combo. It can be added lime slices to a cup of coffee or squeezed lime juice. Some use the oils from the peels and coat the rim of the coffee cup.

The version that’s currently trending on social media suggests mixing instant coffee with lime or lemon juice and hot water.

Squeeze Lime To Coffee

This is not the first time that coffee and citrus are combined. An Algerian drink called Mazagran brings together sweetened espresso, ice, and lemon slices. This drink dates back to the 1800s.

Variations might include sugar syrup and rum. Even Starbucks and Pepsi tried to make a bottled version of the drink in the 90s!

As with all recent trends, social media is the culprit. This trend, in particular, emerged from TikTok as a weight-loss hack. Users claimed that adding lime or lemon to coffee results in burning belly fat.

However, there’s no proof of this claim. These two ingredients are natural and can’t harm you but won’t boost fat burning.

Types of Coffee With Lime (Or Citrus)

There are tried and proven coffee and citrus combinations if you’re curious like us. Some of these drinks have been around for ages, long before the social media trends.

Here are some of our picks that sound and taste delicious.

Cafe Guillermo

Cafe Guillermo

Cafe Guillermo is a strong shot of espresso poured over two slices of lime. It steeps for a minute, and then it’s ready to serve.

The lime’s sweetness disguises the espresso’s acidity resulting in a cup boosting with refreshing flavor. It works great as a pick-me-up drink!

Cold Brew Lime Coffee

Cold Brew Lime Coffee

Three years ago, Starbucks Japan came up with a new cold brew variation that included lime.(1) However, this drink was a limited offer and never became available in the US. 

It combines regular cold brew with a splash of lime juice and syrup. Those that have tried it share that it’s refreshing and softer than regular coffee, and not at all acidic.

Espresso Romano

Espresso Romano

Espresso Romano is an Italian take on the coffee and citrus blend.(2) It’s popular in the Amalfi region, which is famous for the giant lemons. 

Here people add a slice of lemon, squeezed or whole to a shot of espresso. Some baristas squeeze the rind to release the oils and then add the espresso.

Cold Brew Coffee Spritzer

Cold Brew Spritzer

Cold brew coffee spritzer involves another citrus, the sweet orange. Peel a long orange rind, place it at the bottom of a tall glass, and add ice. Fill up half of the cup with cold brew concentrate and half with tonic or sparkling water.

It tastes like a mocktail, and you’re free to add even more flavor, like vanilla or even heavy cream!

What Does Coffee And Lime Taste Like?

Espresso Lime


The brew tastes a little sweet as the acidity of the lime takes the bitter edge out of the coffee. But it might not be everyone’s favorite, especially if you’re keen on more mellow coffees.

For the best results try to use fresh limes. Don’t use pre-squeezed sugar or already sweetened versions.


If a plain black brew with lime doesn’t do it for you, try it with a few additions. Add a sweetener like sugar or honey to take any hint of sourness away.

You can also try it with iced coffee or cold brew instead of hot espresso to amp up the freshness.

When You Shouldn’t Mix Coffee And Lime

We’re all about trying out new combinations, but not all of them work for everybody. It’s beyond the taste; some ingredients can harm your gut or make the coffee undrinkable.

Coffee with lime is not always a great idea, especially in the following scenarios.

Lime Slices
Photo by Glen Carrie

1. When Milk Is Added

Adding lime to milk results in curdling. Milk is an acidic substance with a pH level of around 6.8. Once you add the acidity of the lime, the milk becomes too acidic. 

This leads the proteins in the milk to clump and form lumps. Add lime slices or lime juice only to plain black coffee.

2. If You Are Susceptible To Heartburn

Acidic foods are a significant trigger for heartburn. Lime and lemon have a pH value of 2, making them highly acidic. If you’ve been dealing with heartburn for a while, you’ve probably heard this advice from your doctor. 

But even if you occasionally deal with acid reflux, it’s best to avoid coffee with lime.

Coffee And Lime For Weight Loss?

But what about coffee and lime for weight loss? This weight loss advice took the internet by storm, with people claiming they’ve lost dozens of pounds. 

It sounds too good to be true, so we took on to fact-check these theories.

Lime Slices Coffee

The Myth

Caffeine is a metabolism booster and a stimulant that breaks down fat cells. In addition, coffee contains theobromine, a diuretic, and helps your body get rid of the excess liquid. 

Lemon or lime juice is a metabolism booster you need to drink every morning to speed up the fat-burning process. When combined, coffee and lime juice make a winning weight loss combo.

The Truth

Both coffee and lime have beneficial properties.(3) Lime has a high vitamin C content which lowers the risk of cancer and heart disease. Coffee also helps prevent heart disease.

A study from the 90s shows that caffeine can speed up your metabolism by stimulating the brown adipose tissue responsible for metabolizing carbs and fat. So the lime and coffee mix might result in minor weight loss due to the caffeine only.

Final Words

Coffee and Lime

Here’s our verdict: drinking coffee and citrus for weight loss is a fad that should end. There’s no scientific proof that it works.

However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy coffee and lime if you fancy the combination. It can be very refreshing and a great midday pick-me-up. Give some of the drinks above a shot and see if this combination is right for you.


Does lime and coffee burn fat?

No, coffee and lime don’t burn fat. Coffee alone has stimulating ingredients that act as diuretics and can boost the tissue responsible for metabolizing fat. 

Lime is rich an excellent natural source of vitamin C. It’s a great immune booster and full of antioxidants. However, drinking this combination solely for weight loss won’t give you any results.

Does lime taste good in coffee?

Taste can be subjective; what is delicious for some can be unappealing for others. But this unique beverage combination is worth a shot. 

It’s important to note that lime can make the coffee taste sweeter, contrary to preconceived notions. The acidity of the lime works well in disguising the bitterness of the brew.

How do you make coffee and lime?

The simplest way is adding a slice of lime to your regular espresso shot. You could also squeeze and rub the peel against the rim of the cup. 

Another combination is adding lime juice to espresso. But don’t go overboard; a few drops of freshly squeezed lime (never bottled) is enough.

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