Does Baileys Have Caffeine? (It Depends…)

Today, we’ll be exploring drinks from Baileys; specifically, does Baileys have caffeine in it?

We all enjoy a good alcoholic bevy. In equal measure, lots of us enjoy coffee or some sort of caffeinated drink to get us up and going the morning after.

Topics Explored

  1. What is Bailey’s Irish Cream?
  2. Does Baileys Have Caffeine?
  3. Is Baileys Coffee?
  4. Baileys’ Flavor, Ingredients, & Nutrition
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What is Bailey’s Irish Cream?

Baileys Irish Cream is a drink flavored with cream, cocoa and Irish whiskey.

It was first brewed and released in Ireland, and has an alcohol content of 17% ABV.

It has also often been suggested that there is a caffeine content to Baileys Irish Cream.

Espresso Into Froth

Baileys Irish Cream was first launched in 1974 as the first of its kind.

More flavors have been released since then, including holiday favorites such as pumpkin spice and mint chocolate.

Due to legal reasons, the apostrophe in the name is omitted, and it is simply referred to as “Baileys” as opposed to “Bailey’s.”

So, Does Baileys Have Caffeine?

Coffee with irish cream

The answer can be both yes or no, as it highly depends on the product. The original Baileys Irish Cream is purely an alcoholic drink.

Now, Baileys also manufacturers a line of Ready-To-Drink beverages. Some of those products, including the Baileys Iced Latte as well as the non-alcoholic Baileys Irish Cream ground coffee.

Those do contain caffeine.

Is Baileys Coffee?

As a whole, no, Baileys is not coffee.

Baileys themselves do offer coffee and caffeinated products such as canned iced lattes and ground coffee.

The confusion over whether or not Baileys is coffee seems to be linked to the fact that Baileys is commonly added to coffee.

Baileys’ Flavor, Ingredients, & Nutrition

Because of just how far the range of Baileys products stretches, there are many different ingredients that are used for each drink, making flavor and nutritional values vary greatly.  

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1. Caffeine & Alcohol Content

Many Baileys alcoholic drinks contain 17% alcohol and no caffeine whatsoever.

 A good exception to this is Baileys canned iced latte, which contains 6 mg caffeine per 100ml but has an alcohol volume of only 4%.

Contents will depend on the flavor(1).

Flavor Alcohol Caffeine
Almande 17% 0 mg
Chocolate Luxe 15.7% 0 mg
Salted Caramel 17% 0 mg
Canned Iced Latte 4% 12 mg
Strawberries & Cream 17% 0 mg
Espresso Crème 17% 0 mg
Pumpkin Spice 17% 0 mg

2. Flavor

The flavor of a Baileys drink can also vary. In general, Baileys drinks are sweet and milky with a hint of whiskey and vanilla.

Other than the Espresso Créme, a Baileys drink will only taste of coffee if added to coffee itself.

3. Ingredients

Baileys drinks are brewed with cream, sugar, alcohol, cocoa extract and Irish Whiskey.

They are also given flavoring, though as mentioned already, what exactly the flavoring is will change depending on the drink.

Baileys contain other minor ingredients in these drinks as well, such as preservatives, coloring and emulsifiers. 


Does Baileys Have Caffeine

There’s room for preference when it comes to Baileys drinks. You can drink them straight, add them to coffee and so on. 

We’ll do our best to answer frequent questions about Baileys now, including the topic at hand: does Baileys have caffeine in it?

More Questions

Does Baileys Espresso Cream have caffeine?

As touched upon when discussing the flavor of Baileys, the answer is yes, Baileys Espresso Creme does have caffeine in it and would not need to be added to coffee first like other Baileys products.

Is Baileys in coffee good?

Baileys is good in coffee, but more than that, we feel it’s one of the greatest tasting drinks you can add to it.

The Irish cream is the perfect coffee pairing. Its creaminess allows it to work well with any coffee but mostly black or strong.

Does Baileys Salted Caramel have caffeine?

As discussed in the alcohol & caffeine content section, no, Baileys Salted Caramel does not have any caffeine content at all.

It is a purely alcoholic drink with an alcohol content of 17%.

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