Does Dunkin Have Decaf Iced Coffee? (Full 2024 List)

The saying ‘too much of a good thing can be bad’ definitely refers to coffee. So there might be a time when you need or want to scale back. If you’re an avid iced coffee fan, you probably wonder does Dunkin have decaf iced coffee?

Let’s see what decaf drinks you can get on your next donut run.

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Dunkin’s Decaf Products

Yes, Dunkin carries a variety of decaf drinks, including coffee and tea, in their stores. 

You can get ready-made drinks from your barista or purchase ground decaf coffee to make at home. You can also get decaf k-pods and black breakfast tea.

Before reaching for your decaf coffee, a word of caution is needed. Decaf doesn’t mean there is no caffeine. Decaf coffee has around 3% of the original caffeine content.

Regular coffee undergoes a process to remove the majority of the caffeine. However, trace amounts are still left as it’s impossible to extract them entirely.

Does Dunkin Have Decaf Iced Coffee?

Dunkin Donuts has its original blend, dark roast, and decaf coffee at every location. Decaf coffee is used just like any other roast. It can be incorporated in coffee-based drinks, including iced drinks like an iced latte or americano.

So yes, Dunkin has decaf iced coffee. If you haven’t tried it so far, hit up your nearest location.

Decaf Iced Coffees Can You Get At Dunkin

Decaf coffee might not sound fun, but it doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, consider it as any other coffee and substitute your regular shot with decaf.

Read below for more inspiration and what decaf drinks you can get at Dunkin.

Decaf Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

Decaf iced coffee is the simplest order you can get. Choose to have it black for a more robust flavor or with milk. 

You can also add a flavor shot to make it more appealing. If you want an even stronger flavor, order a decaf iced americano.

Decaf Iced Caramel Macchiato

Iced Macchiato

You can get your favorite caramel macchiato decaf too! Start with a decaf iced macchiato. Ask the barista to add caramel flavor shots and caramel swirl.

Before ordering, ask the barista if they have decaf espresso. Sometimes stores can run out, so you’ll need to switch your order.

Decaf Iced French Vanilla Latte

French Vanilla Coffee

This is not a staple drink; you have to order it step by step. Start by asking for a decaf iced latte and have your barista add French Vanilla syrup.

Optionally you can add a French Vanilla flavor swirl for an even more pronounced vanilla flavor.

Dunkin’ Drink Staples

Consider making your own Dunkin’ drink at home? Here are the most commonly used ingredients in Dunkin’ beverages.


Does Dunkin Have Decaf Iced Coffee

It doesn’t hurt to scale back on the caffeine once in a while. If you’re looking to lower your intake this year, you might wonder does Dunkin have decaf iced coffee. 

Yes, Dunkin offers decaf along with its regular roasts, and you can craft some delicious drinks with it. If you love your coffee trips, ask your barista for all the decaf and healthy versions they can come up with suggestions. But remember, decaf still has a small amount of caffeine.

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More Questions

How much caffeine is in a Dunkin decaf coffee?

The amount of caffeine in a decaf coffee depends on the size.(1) As a rule of thumb, decaf coffee has around 3% of the total caffeine in regular roast. 

An 8 oz cup can have up to 7 mg of caffeine, white the same size regular coffee is around 70 to 140 mg.

Does Dunkin decaf taste different?

The decaf coffee at Dunkin tastes pretty close to regular coffee. But if you’re not used to it, start small and have a half-caff drink. That is a mix of 50% decaf and 50% regular coffee.

Flavor shots can also disguise the taste of decaf. For example, add your favorite flavor in an iced decaf latte, and you won’t even notice it’s decaf.

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